13 January 2012

Things I'm Loving 31.1.12

Did you ever suck the nectar out of honeysuckle when you were a kid? I showed it to Noah last week, and he was so intrigued he then wanted to bring home a whole bunch of flowers for Dad and Mylo to try too. I distinctly remember there being a bush at school at primary school and at lunchtimes we'd sneak off  (no this isn't turning into a dirty story!) to go see what goodness we could suck out of the flowers.

What are you like?!
The boys happily entertaining themselves pretending to be Daddy last week. In case, you think their faces look a little odd, that's the remains of some pretty botched up tiger face painting by yours truly!

What are you like again?
Funny glasses straws - things like this always bring out the best in people in front of the camera I find!

Shh! Our new secret Ingredient
This stuff is out.of.this.world. Unbelievable. You have just gotta gotta gotta get your hands on some. So far we've coated it on prawns and BBQ corn, but I can imagine it would be just as lush with chicken or even roast potatoes. We found ours at Moore Wilsons, but you could find it at any specialty food/grocers store I'm guessing, or I found it here online. This particular flavour (sweet) is not at all spicy, although there are two other flavours (spicy/bittersweet) if that's how you roll. Man it takes food enjoyment to a whole other level, and thanks to Andrea and Andrew for the introduction!

Icecream - the good old fashioned way
Isn't this the coolest gift? The boys christened it last weekend and were beside themselves with excitement trying to decide which combo of sprinkles and sauce to have on their icecreams. Thanks Andrea and Andrew (again!), a sure fire winner!

Tasty at 1.5 points
The New Year has started with a strict health regime, and we are back to counting Weight Watcher points like we did this time 2 years ago, a necessary undertaking since we've been a bit slack on healthy eating this past year. It's probably only 3kg which might not sound much, but it's still 3kg I didn't have this time last year....so some creativity is being required on a day-to-day basis to think 'low-fat, healthy AND tasty' in the dinner and lunch department. After 4 straight days eating salads for lunch last week whilst still on holiday, I was a bit OVER IT, so this vogel and bruschetta combo was simply a little slice of heaven for me. It is amazing how much more you appreciate and savour food when you're absolutely hanging out for each mealtime!

Rotary clothesline
I love the idea of having a rotary clothesline. We always had one growing up but I sure didn't appreciate the usefulness and loveliness of it until now, and there is something soothing about watching the clothes gently spinning in the breeze. Unfortunately in our little section, we only have room for a stationary line between 2 posts, which doesn't even get that much of a workout in our Wellington climate. Oh and that crisp linen smell clothes get when they have dried outside, well it sure beats the non-existent smell they get drying on a clotheshorse over 2 days inside!

Put to bed....
I couldn't help but churn out a few more of those delightful DIY paper ball ornaments last week to finish off the centrepiece of the mosaic bowl we have on the dining room table. And now I can happily put my Christmas crafting genes into hibernation for a few months I think, and hubby sighs in relief after I've taken over several rooms in the house with all the creating and creations!

Chalk it up mummy
I spotted this Punch Buggy while on a solo early morning walk on the walkway in New Plymouth last week. I just love how rustic it looks. And score one point for my spotting, yussss! As you can see, despite the passing of a year, the game is still a firm family favourite and we even have Mylo spotting them and shouting out 'Punch Buggy' all on his own now!

Of course, being never short of words I have still more loving I could blog on about, but given the size of this list already, I think I might just have to save some up for next week!

What things are you loving so far this year?

Happy weekend all!



Simoney said...

hehe, punch buggy!
that is rustic indeed.
you're a busy gal aren'tcha?... I'm inspired by your dedication to healthy eating. Might have to take a leaf out of that book...

Unknown said...

Well done with the healthy eating. I really should be doing a little bit too, but it's just so cold and dark here that you need your little comforts!

Leonie said...

Oh wow Meghan, you always have so many cool things on your loving posts!
Oh and I am a big fan of the La Chinchita Paprika!! Aucklanders, you can buy it at Sabato in Mt Eden (worth a visit at any rate I tell you!)

Nikki said...

Loving the honey suckles! We had a plant at my school too! Noah looks so much like Mark in the photo of him with his clothes I reckon! He looks hilarious with those glasses on! Yay for healthy eating - I'm on that band wagon too. It's been 2 weeks and NO junk food what so ever! Yus! Talk to you soon :) xxx

Ms. Kate said...

Loving those paper balls. I'm in the same boat with you and the weight loss. Been getting ready for and doing a body detox last week and this week - nothing more that I love atm than dinner time honey soy chicken. Thank goodness the ingredients for the are on my list lol. That vogels looks AMAZING to my not eating bread eyes.

Jen said...

groovy glasses lol :)

ohhhhhhhhh your ice cream is making me hungry as is that sandwich!!!

love your ornaments in your bowl!!!

jacksta said...

I need to jump on the healthy eating plan!

PaisleyJade said...

Love your list and can't wait to find me some of that paprika!! I too gained 3 kgs this Christmas - and boy is it hard to shift!! Getting back into the exercise and healthy eating and hoping I can lose it again soon!

Bron said...

Lots of summery goodness there... it was fun having a peek around.


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