17 January 2012

This......or that.....

I'm need of some serious motivation. I think I thought getting back on the Weight Watchers wagon would be a breeze, the weight would drop off, and in a few short weeks, I'd be back to that magic weight that my body seems to like to hover around (that is, when I don't mistreat it and feed it with eons of chocolate and lollies, as was the case in the latter half of last year).

I was feeling really positive when I stepped on the scales for the weekly weigh-in Monday tonight, knowing that I had been within my points all of the previous week AND that I'd stepped up a bit on my normal exercise regime. So you can imagine my annoyance when the scales were 700g heavier. Grrrrr. I don't recall that happening once last time we did this journey.

So I'm in need of a bit of a self pep talk. Telling myself it will be worth it and I can do it. That it's a blip and I need to keep my eyes on the long-term goal. Getting back into good habits. Seeing chocolate and lollies as treats not a daily/nightly indulgence.

Despite the setback, I am going to grit my teeth and carry on.

Enjoying tasty and filling meals such as these for just 3 points (ignoring the loner meat patty on the side that is not part of it!). I didn't even miss not having any cheese on my burger, the flavour of the mustard and gherkins (both zero points) more than made up for it.

That big plateful sure looks a lot compared to that one little chocolate bar...at 5 points.

Or I could eat all this for 5 points....(although I might have a bit of a stomach ache if it was all in one go mind you!)

Compared to that one little chocolate bar at 5 points...

Or I could eat all this for 5 points...(although I reckon my tongue would be glued to the roof of my mouth after 10 packets in a row!)

Or that one little chocolate bar for 5 points.....

I could eat all this (once you include the milk) for 5 points....

Or just that one little chocolate bar at 5 points...

It's gotta be worth it in the end right?!

Thus ends my pep talk. I'm hoping for a much better result next week!

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