24 October 2012

700 posts: A GIVEAWAY!

Wow, another 100 posts bite the dust! If you're reading this, then chances are you are a loyal, committed reader and I want to thank for being here on this journey with me through the crazy rollercoaster ride that is life! You make the journey that much sweeter to savour. So thank you.

And it's become quite the tradition with me to do a wee giveaway for my lovely readers every time another 100 rolls around, so who am I to want to mess with tradition?!

This giveaway is for a delightful book called Blue Gnu. 

It  was only released earlier this year, and I only came upon it when Noah brought it home from the library at school a few week's back. And I just loved every word.

What's not to love about a book that starts like this:

Boo was blue.
A blue gnu.

The one and only
blue gnu.

It's a story about individuality, but also about friendship. "My name is Hoo" said the other gnu. "Lets be friends, me and you. Everything's much more fun with two." These are just some of the lovely lyrical lines in the story, and the rhyming throughout makes it a joy to read.

At age 6, the words are simple enough that Noah can read the whole story, so it would make a great present even for kids who can read. Or as a parent, it's equally delightful to read to your kids.

So for you my lovely readers, this is an awesome chance to get one of your Christmas presents sorted early if you are lucky enough to win the giveaway.

But you gotta be in to win, so to enter leave me a comment sharing: if you were going to buy one children's book this Christmas what it would be? Then we can all get some other ideas for great gifts too!

Entries close next Tuesday, open to anyone, anywhere!

Good luck and thanks for your ongoing support of MNMs!


Nikki said...

Well done! That's loads of amazing posts! The book I'd buy would be "do you want to be my friend" by Eric Carle. It's wonderful. X

Miriam said...

just one?? I would probably pick Llama, Llama Red Pyjama or a very cute one I spotted recently called Peggy.
Congrats on 700 posts!

Ange - Tall, Short and Tiny said...

Whooo, 700 posts! And every one of them as awesome as the last.
I'm struggling to narrow down my book choice....but I think every child should have a copy of Shirley Hughes' "Dogger", a beautiful story about kindness and sharing.

sarahlouisa said...

Well done :) Would have to be Tuesdays at the Castle by Jessica Day George!

sarahlouisa said...

P.S my email is sarahlouisa90@gmail.com


Unknown said...

Congratulation on the 700 posts i'd chose Gooney Bird Greene


Lyn B said...

Love your blog!
My choice would be The Pirates Next Door :-)


Unknown said...

Well done on 700 posts keep going, i'd probably buy "The Fault in Our Stars" for christmas x

Unknown said...


remaliah said...

Wow, I'm pretty sure I remember your 600 post party! Love your little space on the cyber web :) And love love love children's books! Hmmm...I have like a list of books I'd like to buy. Lately I've been tempted by the thought of picking up a copy of 'The Gruffalo's Child' when we pop through Heathrow in a few days. The girls enjoy The Gruffalo. Also Percy the Park Keeper stories. Congratulations & thanks for the chance to win!

jacksta said...

I thought I might introduce the kids to the time occupying classic Wheres Wally.
I saw a funny comedy sketch by Micheal McIntyre...where he said his kids were getting too good at find wally so he coloured him in so he could get a few extra hours kid free! It was a funny one.

Nikki said...

If I had to choose another one, I'd choose Guess How Much I Love You or Each Peach Pear Plum.

Nikki said...

I love dogger. Such a good book for kids and a lovely story.

Sophie Slim said...

Congratultions on another 100!

I play on buying my 1 year old a few Dr Seuss books for christmas this year! I'm thinking birthday and xmas gifts are either going to be educational (like books, globes, fun learning games) or handmade


Bron said...

Congrats on your milestone.....one of my favourite go to books is

Wilfred Gordon Mcdonald Partridge. xxx

Tracey said...

Congratulations meg, 700 blogs is am impressive effort. Must say my weekly read of your happenings is a highlight of my week and makes me forget that we live hours apart. If I was to pick just one book it would be guess how much I love you by Sam bratney I think. Such a lovely message. Looking forward to seeing Ruth pretty blog xo


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