10 October 2012

WW: The 2012 Edition Photo Board

A couple of years ago I made a fantastic photo board based on some awesome instructions by Sarah over at Faery Sarah.

It has pride of place in our kitchen/dining room and pretty much every visitor to our house exclaims over how cool it is and asks how I did it. The thing I love most about it is that you can pick and choose what photos you want to change around over time, or if you feel like it you can just start from scratch and refresh the whole lot. What I love is that there are some photos that I can't bear to part with that are still on the board and going strong in round 3 - the Santorini shot bottom left for one, although it has changed pozzies this year though!

Anyway, I'd been trying to get around to updating the pics on there for a couple of months but between a busy work schedule and two birthdays to plan it kind of had to take a back seat. Until a week or so ago when I finally got off my butt and printed off a whole bunch of pics to update the board with. So without further ado I give you the '2012: Photoboard Favourites' 

And how about you? Do you any tried and tested ways to keep your favourite photos displayed and up to date over at your place? I'd love to hear.

And if anyone is keen for the tutorial on how to make yourself one of these funky photo boards, let me know and I'll do a How To post for y'all!


remaliah said...

Meg! What an awesome board! I would really love to know how you did it, if you have time to tell. Your photos are just so beautiful. I love the macro ones :)

Penny said...

Gorgeous pics, can really see how you have developed your photographic skills!

jacksta said...

very cool.

Unknown said...

Yes please, I would love a tutorial! This is such a cool idea.

Do you have the captions on each photo on the wall too?

Nikki said...

Love love love! I'd also love a tutorial too :)

Miriam said...

Totally keen for a tutorial - it's awesome, I think I'd want all my 3 to choose a few for the board too - it would make a great Christmas present from me to them

Mika said...

gorgeous photos! just as I thought "ooo that's my favorite" another beauty popped up, then another, then another. I can't decided!

I loooove the drinking water one...and all your arty photos...and the one with your hubby (cause let's face it, how often do we get a nice photo with our hubbies)



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