15 October 2012

All in an afternoon's work

The day started out pretty rough with that 3.30am trip to A&E for Mylo's gashed head. None of us had any energy that morning and lazed around in PJ's having the odd little bit of shut-eye. We perked up well enough to contemplate a trip out in the afternoon.

First up, Pouakai Zoo - the only private zoo left in the country. We'd been there before in June, when the boys were most taken with the talking cockatoo, and proceeded to imitate him for the rest of the day. Nestled right under the Pouakai Ranges, it's a lovely setting. On this visit, we timed it just right to see the lions and white tigers being fed, which was horse if you please. The owner of the zoo gave a talk as she fed the animals which was really quite informative.

The mountain overlooked proceedings, occasionally popping out to say hello.

I had no idea that white tigers are man made, that they have been bred that way. And apparently, they lack most of the intelligence of orange tigers, and often suffer genetic defects. Another sign of man interfering with God's natural creation, such a shame.

They are still beautiful creatures to see though, despite that. This particular tiger has a cancer on its lip and the bleeding here was as a result of the tiger knocking it, rather than any blood from the meat it was being thrown.

Once we'd fed the friendly goats, rams and scary looking emus all our food, we headed back to town and dropped Gee Gee at home. Then it was down to the river to throw some rocks, before we headed to one of my favourite spots on the planet, Pukekura Park.

It's beautiful in all seasons, this place. Our annual pilgrimage to the Festival of Lights at Christmas time, is just one opportunity to enjoy it throughout the year.

But Spring adds a whole other dimension.

I even managed to capture some little Spring fairies under the blossoms this year...so cute I might just have to steal them away with me...

The park here is so worth a visit. It has the best curved, long covered metal slide. Which goes super fast if you're in sports pants or track pants as the boys found out.

Mum in her jeans, not so fast.

There's about four different areas to play on, to suit kids of all ages. And a massive area to run around or picnic on.

I was amazed to see Mr. 6 so confidently making his way up this rope ladder wall. I wonder where did that shy boy of 2 years ago go to? He's nowhere to be seen now.

And I love that Mr. Three just swings his OWN way. Not one to follow the crowd this boy.

I was mesmerised by a beautiful light filtering through the trees overlooking the park.

And tell me, when has a light on a bare branch ever looked so beautiful?

Or a light filtering through ferns into shallow water?

So much fascination with dropping pebbles into water despite the fact it's probably not really what we should have been doing.

Still a guess a few pebbles and leaves thrown into a bit of water never hurt anyone.

And that my friends was that.

An afternoon wiled away under spring skies, with adventures aplenty. You'd never have known that at 3am we were all sitting in a hospital waiting  room would you?

Amazing what a little bit of fresh air and sunshine can do for a weary soul.


jacksta said...

lovely pix Meghan.
Looks like a fab time.
I didn't realise white tigers had so many defects. :(

Sammy said...

Sounds fabulous! SO EXCITED! Just letting you know...


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