05 November 2012

And there went the weekend.....

Phewph! Where did the past 48 hours go? It wasn't the busiest weekend we've ever had, but it sure shot by.

There was some fantastic one-on-one time with Mama and Mylo at Junglerama while Noah played at a friend's house. I'd promised to take him as he missed out a couple of weeks ago when Noah went with a mate and he was desperately disappointed. I turned up at daycare on Friday to surprise him that we were going, and when we got there he was so darn happy to be there, can you tell?! I must have gone down that bouncy slide about 20 times...not that he needed me there, I just loved it too!

That was followed by a rare night out with hubby on Friday night at La Bella Italia...yummo! We had a TreatMe voucher to use and so our antipasto, 2 mains, dessert and a couple of drinks was crazy reasonable! We are definitely bringing Grandma & Grandad here this summer.

We indulged in a bit of Creationary on a rainy Saturday morning - I was quite impressed with my effort with this one and Noah guessed it straight away.

Mark took off out for a mountain bike ride for a couple of hours, so me and the boys decided the cold, wet weather called for a warm lunch, and I made Kirsteen's gluten-free gingerbread pancakes for us all. Drizzled with maple syrup and banana, they hit the spot.

Then while the little guy snoozed and Noah played a bit of Skylanders on the Wii, I indulged in a craft that I had been wanting to make the kids for ages. Take a couple of cereal boxes, cardboard tubes and a bit of glue and voila! you have a Park n Play garage. It inspired all kinds of car-tastic fun this weekend.

Later in the afternoon we all headed out for dinner together where an amazing tapas spread was laid out for us at Guy and Shannon's house...wowee!

Followed by fireworks fun with our lovely friends.

And that was just the first half of the weekend!

There was also some secret squirrel Christmas craft planning and purchasing, church, and a 7th birthday party thrown amongst it all!

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Anonymous said...

wow what a weekend, sounds like so much fun, LOVE the car garage how cool!!! ohh and very intrigued about the secret christmas crafting :)


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