26 November 2012

Encouragement for the week

As I grow older I want to be known as.....
thoughtful rather than gifted
loving versus quick or bright
gentle over being powerful
a listener more than a great communicator
available rather than a hard worker 
sacrificial instead of successful
reliable not famous
content more than driven
self-controlled rather than exciting
generous instead of rich
and compassionate more than competent 

That's my prayer, is it yours?


Ange said...

This is perfect, Meg, just perfect! Beautiful words xx

jacksta said...

Ive been thinking about something similar... about what I would like written on my tomb stone or obituary...the words "she was a generous friend to all". A little bit morbid...but more an inspiration to myself to live this way now as a mantra so to speak. But I like all of these characteristics too.

Miriam said...

beautiful.... although I'd still like to always be a great communicator - am I allowed that??


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