11 November 2012

What a rush of blood to the heart!


Still coming down from the high that was the past 24 hours. And nursing a slightly sore head after a couple more red wines than I would normally drink of an evening. But oh so worth it.

I flew up to Auckland bright and early, leaving a gorgeous day in the Capital behind me and an equally lovely day in the City of Sails ahead of me.

It started with a trip to the French markets with my oldest friend in the world Andrea (and her sweet little 9-month old Mia). I can't believe the markets are on each weekend, there's such an array of amazing fresh produce.

Then it was home to chill out on the beanbags at their house overlooking Grey Lynn Park for an hour or so before my special lunch date with the lovely Sammy.

I love this girl. I love her faith, her beauty (inside and out) and the fact that she's a working mum like me, and I just know she 'gets' the unique and different challenges this brings to raising a godly family the best you can. We talked about all kinds of things, and even floated the idea of a proper organised bloggy get together in Christchurch mid-next year....who's in?!

After this lovely interlude eating some yummy fare at Savour and Devour, I chilled out back at Andrea's for the afternoon, enjoying some precious cuddles with little Miss Mia, although still plenty happy to be able to hand her back afterwards...ha ha!

Then after a couple of glasses of refreshing Rose,  it was into town to grab a bite of dinner at Tyler St Garage on the waterfront before catching one of the free buses down to the concert at Mt Smart Stadium.

We arrived with plenty of time to spare, and I was intrigued to see how the 47,000 (that's how many people were there!) wristbands handed out as entered were going to be used during the show.

Coldplay came out with a hiss and a roar, with fireworks, confetti cannons and all of a sudden the entire stadium was bathed in pulsating light from the wristbands. Sadly mine didn't actually work (and neither did Andrew's, Andrea's partner) but to be honest, it didn't lessen the enjoyment factor at all.

The sea of light from the pulsating wristbands

This was one heck of a show, with good old favourites like Yellow, Speed of Sound and Clocks being cranked out alongside a couple of favourites from their last album Lovers in Japan and Viva La Vida (which was by far the most popular song of the night I'd say - not a single person left sitting in their seats for that one!). From their most recent album they played about 5 songs including my favourites Princess in China, Paradise, and ending the show with a bang with Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall.

An amazing spectacle, and a memory that I'll carry around with me for a long time to come.

The only sour note of an otherwise perfect evening was the terrible logistics afterwards in forcing all 47,000 of us back out through 2 tiny gates which meant it took nearly an hour just to get out of the stadium. Then the cues for buses and trains (which were free) were simply staggering. I, with my ever active bladder, was contemplating having to jump behind a bush to relieve myself at one point there, and was becoming more uncomfortable by the minute. I was glad when we made the decision to ditch the queue and walked up to the main road to fortuitously flag a cab down. My bladder was very relieved to get home about 15 minutes later I tell you!

There was just enough time for baked eggs for breakfast (whipped up by Andrew) before I headed back to the airport for the flight home.

It was lovely to have 24 hours out of the daily routine and some time just on my own, whilst at home Daddy did more than enough to win a Husband/Father of the year award managing to do the grocery shopping, take the boys out for brunch, run around with Mylo at football (where he apparently scored a cracking goal in his new football kit), hoovered the house, took the boys out to Porirua pool and on the waterslides, picked up one of Noah's friends for a playdate, cleaned both the bathrooms, and enjoyed takeaway pizza with the boys for dinner. Whew, I'm tired just after typing all that! You truly are my hero, honey!


Here a couple of my favourite moments from the concert last night...check out the fireworks and the sea of wristbands all lit up....so flippin cool!

And please excuse my somewhat exuberant, slightly out-of-tune singing in the background!


PaisleyJade said...

Sounds like an amazing night!

Leonie said...

Wow, what an awesome weekend !!!
I am in for a blogging get together in ChCh next year for sure!!!

Leonie said...

Ahhh you were there too!!! By the look of it we were in the same stand but removed by a couple of vlocks! It was A-mazing! My wristband didnt work eier, nor hubby's but that was still one of the best shows/concerts we've ever seen! Yay for awesome weekends and gigs!

Miriam said...

awesome!! Sounds like so much fun! To chch 2013!! M xx

Sammy said...

Love love LOVED my precious hour with you! You really are such an amazing girl and I look forward to more IRL encounters with you. So glad I was selfish and hogged you all to myself- it was just what I needed. Thank you Megs xxx

remaliah said...

Sounded amazing!! So pleased you had a wonderful 24 hours up here! And it sounds like Mark did an AMAZING job too! Can't wait to meet you next time :) xx

Simoney said...

It was awesome wasn't it???
We were down on the field in general admission (me with my friend's fold-up camp stool), right next to the fence. When Coldplay went off the first time, hubby said "let's go to the back and watch the encores from there so we miss the crowd..." so we were only about 2 metres away from where they came out and did the unplugged set!! It was AMAZING. then they took the barriers down and so we ambled out up the side and watched the finale (my two fav songs - waterfalls and Fix You) right near the front by the exit and after they took their final bows we exited promptly through the gates by the stage which were (at that stage) OPEN. Ahead of the rush. It makes it even more amainzg the logictis of our exit when I hear about the crush getting out.... they must have shut those gates for some reason?? Phew, glad we made it out before then.
So awesome you had a great time.

jacksta said...

how cool!

Cat said...

Yeah for concerts
Yeah for Coldplay
Yeah for bloggy meet ups



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