23 November 2012

Things I'm Loving 23.11.12

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something you can be thankful for..no matter how simple it is.

Little helpers
Chalk it up, I had not one but two volunteers for putting the washing into piles and in the right bedrooms the other day. I nearly fell off my chair!

Flashback Friday
I have this revolving desktop background on my computer which flicks up different collages in the background every half hour or so. The other night I literally stopped in my tracks when I exited all the programs I'd been in to see this gorgeous wee poppet smiling back at me.

This was Mylo at a few months old - look at that smile and those big ol brown eyes....I could just smooch those kissable cheeks all day long. Gosh to think this was only 3 years ago is quite mindblowing!

Draw A Stickman
Loved finding this cute little interactive time waster the other day - Draw A Stickman.

Easy enough for kids to play too, definitely one that you only need to spend five minutes on, giggle and move on.

64 Birthday Cakes
Loved these fantastic 'Kiwiana' birthday cakes created by the chef at Government House for Prince Charles' 64th birthday bash with the 63 other lucky Kiwis picked to join him, all of whom happened to be sharing the same birthday - November 14th. And each attendee got to take away their own mini cake. Flippin cool!

Boys about town
Last week I'd promised to take the boys down to Capital E to play on the indoor playground. Well blow me down if they hadn't gone and closed it because of earthquake risks - every other building in Wellington seems to be like that at the moment - half of Noah's school has moved out of their main block whilst they spend six months doing strengthening as well. Anyhow i digress.

So we made the most of the warm, fine weather and wandered through town on 'amble time'. No real hurry to be anywhere, just enjoying the sights and sounds of the city. And when we realised that Capital E was closed, we just turned it into an opportunity for roly polys and acrobatics instead quick as you like.

Hubby hearts me
Loving a hubby who left a secret package under my pillow to find once he'd gone out last Friday night. There were six gourmet Bohemein chocolates for me to nibble away at while enjoying a glass of vino. They really are heaven in a mouthful.

Loving the same hubby who, together with 2 wee poppets one even bearing a rose, surprised me with breakfast in bed on Sunday morning.....oh my word, I felt like the luckiest girl in the world!!

All quiet on the backseat front
Friday afternoon grocery shopping sessions aren't my favourite time of the week. It's the end of the week, and if I'm honest we're all a bit tired and scratchy with each other. So to see a New World employee wandering around handing out little Whittakers snack bars was a welcome sight.

Although I should have been a little more worried about the silence in the back seat, when in reality I was just enjoying the peace and quiet on the drive home. This was the sight that greeted me when I finally turned around to reverse into our driveaway.

Boys in bed
Loved the rare sight of seeing our first baby (that is the furry one) curled up with Noah in bed the other night. Murphy didn't stay very long after I took the picture, but it was lovely to be able to capture the moment.

Crafting like a crazy person
It seems like every November a crazy crafting bug hits me hard. I'm sure it hits me early because I like to be organised and because we have to get our UK gifts into the post by mid November. Last weekend, I spent most of the weekend on and off crafting up a storm.

This year's Christmas card design

My very own homemade wreath - tutorial to come!

Doesn't Mr Wreath look happy hanging up there?!

And a little bit more Christmas cheer for the walls because why the heck not...another Pinterest idea!

I'm gonna have to apologise in advance if I go a little Christmas crazy for a few weeks - it is my absolute favourite time of the year - and such an easy theme to be inspired to create a little homemade joy!

Here's how you can join in this week:

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Miriam said...

love your wee helpers and your awesome hubby - doesn't a girl love to feel treasured!!! Bring on the Christmas craft x

jacksta said...

loving the list.
mmm those chocs look delish!

Nikki said...

The boys are way too gorgeous! your 'excitedness about Christmas' is definitely rubbing off on me!
P.s love the new header! X

Simoney said...

LOVE that wreath, you clever girlie!
(and that random collage background... how cool!)

Bron said...

You were spoilt with chocolates under your pillow...and I love the Christmas crafting. x

Sammy said...

Love the crafting! I have been learning crochet (whoop!)
Let's email about the trip next year xxx


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