31 October 2013

Into the dragon's den {a story}

There's something about creating and keeping a little magic alive in our lives from time to time, don't you think? And so our story goes:

Not far from Grandma's house there is a hill. 

And on that hill there is a field.

And through the field there is a gate.

And through that field there is a wood.

And through the wood there is a tower.

And so we climb.

And in the wood there is some stinging nettle.

And thanks to Grandma there's some relief with dock leaves.

And in that wood magic light shines through the trees.

And in that tower there is the idea of a dragon.

And tentatively we climb.

Leaving a peace offering at the top.

But he is not here on this day.

And so we retreat.

 Finding signs that he has not long been gone.

And there are signs in the air too.

Wisps and streaks hinting that he is not far away.

And as we leave, finally the sign we have been waiting for - circling in the skies not too far away.

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