15 October 2013

Nikki's guide to Long-Haul Travel {Guest post by Life's Wonderful Happenings}

Today we're heading up to London for 2 nights. I couldn't be more excited if I tried!

And as it so happens, we'll be staying with one of my favourite people Nikki from Life's Wonderful Happenings while we are there. Nikki recently made the long trip back to NZ to see family and friends (including us - weren't we lucky!) and wrote a very entertaining post on her do's and don'ts of long-haul travel on her return to the UK. Carrying on with the theme of how to survive long-haul travel, Nikki has kindly agreed to share her wisdom with us all today:


Nikki's Guide to Long Haul Travel

Because sometimes things get learnt the hard way, here's a few 'Nikki-tips' to hopefully help you, your friends and your family, enjoy the travelling part of your trip more! 

Make sure you know what your luggage looks like, especially if you're borrowing it. It's happened twice where I've arrived back at Heathrow Airport and had a massive panic because I couldn't 'find' my bag - it was there the whole time, but after travelling for hours on end, the last thing you'd want is for it to have gone missing especially if you've had stop overs! 

 Pack snacks if you have dietary requirements and remember to tell the airlines you need special meals! The worst is when you can't eat anything but peanuts and chippies! 

 Get one of those annoying neck roll/support things. They actually do come in really handy! And don't be afraid to use the plane pillows as butt cushions. I find three of them helps save the back!

 If you're travelling solo, make sure you get an aisle seat. Just don't nap and slip your legs into the aisles. They will run over your feet with the trolleys! 

Plan activities for the stopovers and during the flight, such as crocheting. You are allowed to take it in your hand luggage and it helps kill a bit of time! 

Make sure you check how long your stopovers are. There's really nothing worse that realising after a 12 hour flight, you have another four hour stopover instead of the two that you thought it was! It results in the bar being your best friend and you spending loads of money in duty free! 

 Get a headphone adapter jack thing for the airplane! They're not too expensive and it means you get actual quality sound when watching the movies! 

And there my friends, are some tips straight from the horses mouth! 


Nikki is a bubbly, fun-loving London dweller who originally hails from our hometown of Wellington, NZ. I am very privileged to call her one of my dear IRL (in real life) friends. In fact I can actually honestly claim that I introduced her to blogging! I love that Nikki isn't afraid to take the mickey out of herself and her crazy antics and she captures the fun in life beautifully over at Life's Wonderful Happenings. You can also follow her on Instagram: @thenikinator.

Do pop on over and say hi!

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