18 October 2013

Riding the electric rails - a day out in Seaton, Devon

Seaton is a quaint seaside town in Devon about an hour away from home. Grandma and Grandad come here often in the summer and Grandma had always wanted to take a ride on the famous tramway that goes inland up the estuary past a lovely wetland area. 

There are about 12 different trams, some double-decker, some single that take the half-hour journey up the estuary to Colyton.

It was a little chilly sitting in the open-top upstairs but worth it for the view. We spotted an amazing abundance of different birdlife and there were even some twitterers - that's not people using Twitter that's actual bird watchers - in hides along the way with their binoculars out spotting the wildlife.

At the end of the line you can return immediately or - like we did - spend some time looking around the station area and antique shop before returning on the next tram back to Seaton.

We'd all worked up a huge hunger by the time we got back - which was a good thing as Grandma & Grandad shouted us to a huge fish and chip feast for lunch at the award winning Frydays.

To help the feast go down, afterwards Grandma & Grandad took us for a walk along the promenade to see the gorgeous beach huts lining the beach.

There were gorgeous views all along the coast to Beer high up on the hillside. This whole coastline is better known as The Jurassic Coast, gaining World Heritage status with all three of the different dinosaur periods clearly depicted in the rock formations along the coastline.

This is Grandma and Grandad outside the beach hut they rented for a week in the summer. At the beginning of the week, they brought down everything they'd need for the week - deck chairs, a camp stove, food, towels etc and then they made the journey down each day spending time swimming and relaxing and socialising with all the other beach hut goers. A very English thing to do, don't you think!

I loved the sign adorning the top of this beach hut.

All in all a very happy day out all together at the seaside.

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