18 March 2014


A portrait of my children once a week every week in 2014

Mylo: you have such an ability to make me laugh day or night. One morning, still very early, while I was sitting on the toilet we were discussing what you should take in for Show & Tell at daycare tomorrow starting with the letter T. The first thing you suggested was a 'teapot'. But then you immediately discounted that idea, telling me 'oh no that's too dangerous, I might drop it'.

Once I'd finished my morning ablutions, Mylo announced he needed to show me a 'dizzy cuddle'. 'What's a dizzy cuddle and how do we do it?'  I asked. Mylo grabbed me, cuddled me and started spinning us both around. 'This is a dizzy cuddle - we cuddle around and around until we get so dizzy we fall down'. 

Only minutes later you asked if you could sit down and do some maths. And all before 7am.

Noah: after we brought home nearly half the books in the library with us, one night you sat down and read us the story 'A big guy took my ball'. You had me in hysterics with your dramatic interpretation of the events in the book, so much so that we asked for it again and again. I love that you know how to work an audience so beautifully. I hope you find many opportunities to express your dramatic flair as you grow.

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