25 March 2014


Project 52: a portrait of my children once a week, every week in 2014

Noah: we awaited Cyclone Lusi's arrival the other week with trepidation, knowing how violent storms tend to get in the windy city we live in. We waited and waited and in the end it was a bit of a fizzer. But it did mean you got to go out trampolining in the rain which you insisted I record on camera.

How they both made me laugh: The other night we were in the bath and Noah asked 'do I have a pimple like Mylo's?' Actually I think you meant a dimple. I laughed and laughed and when I had recovered, I said 'no but you have a spot right by your nose that I love which is equally gorgeous'

Mylo then pointed at Noah's wee spot and said 'you mean this prickle Mum?' Actually I think you meant freckle. Cue raucous laughter from me again.

Mylo: The other night you and I were lying in bed reading the book 'The Something-o-saur'. It's the story of a sad dinosaur trying to figure out who he is, and where his mama is. Through the book he grows and travels to look for her, and at the end he discovers her up high in a cave, and that actually she is a dragon. Which means he is a dragon too. His mama is so happy to find him, and said that she had been so upset when she dropped her egg while flying and never thought she would find him again.

Mylo: found a big stick and sat himself down for some 'fishing' on Somes Island

I cuddled Mylo and said how glad I was that I wasn't a dragon mummy who had dropped her egg and that how happy it made me to have him grow inside me where he was safe. Which then inevitably led to the where 'where did I come out of?' question. To which I replied my stock answer 'out of the special place that mummies have for babies to be born'. His response? 'you mean out of your fanny, Mum?'

When I had recovered from the shock, I asked how he knew about such things. Oh so-and-so (name with-held to protect said child at daycare) told me. Gulp! I guess with only having boys in the house, women's bits aren't something we talk about much, which is why I got such a surprise.

The next night, I was serenaded at bedtime with this new version of an old classic that Mylo had learned at daycare:

Twinkle twinkle vegemite
Spread it lick it take a bite
If it falls upon the floor
you can always ask for more
Twinkle twinkle vegemite
spread it lick it take a bite.

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