12 March 2014

Six at 0600....

Six at 06:00 in bullet points:
  • I have just finished taking medication for Crohns. After being on 8 tablets a day from January last year, I was able to drop back to 4 tablets a day last July, and after feeling generally well most of the time since and after positive test results last month that are in the 'normal' range, the specialist has decided to take me off all medication altogether to see how that goes. With other changes I've made to my diet (especially baking lots of healthy treats for us that are gluten-free, dairy-free and sugar-free), I'm hoping that I will be able to keep feeling this way for the foreseeable future. In any event, no matter may come, I know God has my back with my health.
  • We had a motorbike move in across the road a few weeks back. Boy has it destroyed the peace and quiet of the cul-de-sac, starting up at all kinds of random times of the day and night. Every time it starts up with this low, throaty rumble, it gives me the heebie jeebies, as it sounds just like the rumble of another earthquake heading our way. But what can you do really? Mark wondered about having a chat with the owner of the bike about his need to have the bike sitting there idling for minutes on end before he finally goes on his way, but we're not sure that it would really help. I mean let's face it - is a guy who owns a really loud and noisy bike really going to care about how loud it is for everyone else on the street - he owns it for a reason - probably thinks the noisier the better!
  • We are a few years late to this party but we are currently working our way through all five series of Breaking Bad - we've just started Series Three. I was a little dubious whether it was my kind of TV after the 2nd episode (it was a pretty gruesome episode - if you've watched you'll know what I mean when I saw the one where the bath falls through the ceiling - and I told Mark I wasn't sure I wanted to keep watching it at that point) but I persevered through the next couple of episodes and then was hooked. It's pretty gritty and not what you'd normally expect of American drama. It sure doesn't shy away from some pretty tough stuff - I'm not sure that it's going to end well though by the time we get to the end - so guess I need to be prepared for that!

  • I have had the worst ingrown spot on my chin for the past two weeks that wouldn't budge. To be honest, I thought I was past all that teenage stuff, but this zit had other ideas. I told myself it's good to be reminded of my frail humanity from time to time....I guess?! Trying to find the positives here people, really trying!
  • This year I'm making a concerted effort to make the words of Jesus more than just words on a page. So I'm using The Jesus Project a way to make Jesus more beautiful and real to me. A verse a week, it's not so hard, and I'm grateful to Ann Voskamp for making a way for me to start slow, but start nonetheless.
  • Last weekend I had the pleasure of hosting the lovely Leonie and her hubby for dinner at our house. We wiled away a lovely evening while the food and conversations flowed! They'd come to Wellington for the first time in years to celebrate their wedding anniversary and the Capital really turned on its full dose of charm for them over the days they were here. It also made me feel quite thankful again for all the cool stuff there is to do here - especially when people new to the City give you tips for awesome places to visit you still haven't been yourself - I shall definitely be seeking out that Mexican Leonie!

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