21 March 2014

Things I'm Loving: Chocolate Tart, Egg Lover, This City, and ma Homies

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something you can be thankful for..no matter how simple it is.

Feel inside and stuff like that
Remember this? Oh it gives me some good goose bumps watching it. Noah came home from school and asked to watch it as they're learning it to sing at school assembly. I wish there were more songs like this out there to make the whole world smile. Everyone should have to watch this when they're having a bad day don't ya think?!

Hungry Cub Rich Chocolate Tart
Who needs gluten, dairy, egg or sugar when you can make something this amazing without any of it. Oh my. Sensational. Like something I'd pay $5 a slice for in cafe. That good.

You can get the awesometastic recipe over here.

Go my fine Taranaki (like no other!)
Recently my favourite part of the country was awarded a top accolade - top tourist destination. I was like 'oh wow that's cool' and then in the same breath 'oh drat, now everyone knows our little secret'.

Source: Stuff

You can see how Taranaki managed to beat out other more traditionally famous tourist spots here.

Egg convert
It's only taken 30 odd years but hubby has finally conquered his lifelong dislike of egg. Enough to cook himself and then enjoy scrambled egg these past couple of weekends! I wonder if there will be a fried egg on the horizon one day?! That might be pushing it aye hon *wink*.

Snatching 10 minutes
I have to keep up a certain level of professional development to maintain my Chartered Accountancy status, so this week I went to a 3 hour business update at NZICA (the Institute of Chartered Accountants) and snuck in a ten minute walk around the waterfront during the morning tea break. I don't often get down this end of town so it was a small luxury.



city. And yep those funny looking snail thingees are actually toilets. 

This chick
I was having one of my regular Skype chats with my chickadee Nikki last weekend. We were talking about the whole snake vs croc episode when she told us she'd actually held a real life baby croc and a snake. Get outta here I said. So she sent us proof pronto via Whats App. The gal got guts!

Plus I just love her to pieces. Yep.

Power plant 
It's hard to describe how cool this show was. A light show in the botanical gardens complete with all kinds of weird sound accompanying it and all kinds of light displays - from ghostly frocks hanging from trees to fire popping out of torches and lampshades all in a row. We all had our favourite scenes we took away from the night and the hour's walk around the gardens seemed to fly by. I'm so glad we made the effort to get along and see something so unique!

Cruising with ma homies
So God blessed me with this crew to call ma homies. I am blessed, BLESSED I tell ya!

What are you and ya homies getting up to this weekend?

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