12 August 2014

32/52: Spontaneous laughter and a good idea

A portrait of my children once a week every week in 2014

Mylo: I can't even remember what we were talking about on this afternoon, sitting in the car waiting for school to finish. But I can remember you getting the giggles and the infectiousness sound that a child's laughter is. Music to my soul buddy (bogey nose and all!).

Noah: the sunny day on Sunday put you in the mood for the zoo. And with no particular plans for the afternoon (with Dad having flown out to Melbourne for the week that morning) I said 'why not!' and off we went. We hadn't been since January and it was one of our best 'animal spotting' visits yet. With the kiwi and morepork in full view in their dark house, and a great first look at the Tasmanian Devils for us, it was a winner winner chicken dinner kind of afternoon. I did forget a jacket for Mylo but you kindly donated yours for most of the visit, it's a good think you don't really feel the cold my boy.

It was a gorgeous way to spend a gorgeous afternoon with these two gorgeous boys who rock my world. We still wish our big boy had been there though - he rocks my world too - what with cooking five meals for us last week before getting on the plane to Melbourne so I just have to snap my fingers in the evenings this week and dinner is done - am I lucky or what!!!

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