19 August 2014

33/52: Teamwork at Maccas and a cat who likes boxes

A portrait of my children once a week, every week in 2014

Mylo: you rather missed your Daddy last week, particularly when your mean Mummy made you sit for an hour and finish your tortilla wrap (it had chicken in it which was causing the big delay). You told me with tears in your eyes as you sat chewing each mouthful slowly while looking at our family portrait on the wall that you missed Daddy, and that you loved him. You felt better after we were able to do a Google Hangout with him and set eyes on him through the wonders of technology. It was worth finishing your dinner though as I’d promised Maccas for dinner if you’d both been helpful and eaten your dinners all week. You and your brother make a good team when it comes to the Happy Meals – you happily eat all the fries from both meals but aren’t fussed on the burger, while Noah polishes off the burger and the chicken nuggets that came with your meal. Teamwork indeed!  
One morning last week I took a little guy to daycare, and came home with a dragon!

'My cat likes to hide in boxes' - turns out we actually made the book come true!
Noah: you’ve been pretty gutted that so many of your weekly football games have been cancelled lately (the last three weeks in a row!) due to bad weather and the soggy park that you play at, so it’s been great that you have been able to get along to the weekly Wednesday practice and learn some new skills so you can still get your football fix one way or another. On the weekend, you were most amused that Murphy (whom you heap so much love on every day) decided to park himself in the box of a board game we were playing and remain there for quite some time. You even picked him up and carried him around the house like that and he didn't mind one bit!

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