11 August 2014

The Hallway Project: Part II

A few weeks (ahem months now!) back I showed some 'before' and progress photos in The Hallway Project: Part I. This was what we'd been getting up to in our spare time since Easter, painting the hallways and remaining bedroom which were the last rooms to be painted so we could say we'd painted the whole house in the 7 years we've been there.

Before                                                 After (with photobomber)

Towards the end of May, we got professionals in to do the tall parts of the stairs we couldn't reach. We finished off the rest of the stairs over Queens Birthday and then lost all motivation to continue. It wasn't till the last weekend in June, that Mark took it upon himself to start the bigger-than-we-realised job of painting our bedroom.



 Before                                                  After

The worst part is always starting, once you have you then feel obliged to get on and get it done, especially as we had to move out of our room for a whole week while we painted in the afternoon/evenings. We had a great incentive to get it finished as there were branches scratching on the wall of our spare room that did my head in most nights while sleeping there, not to mention our two early, noisy risers who seem much noisy when they are right across the hall rather than downstairs!

I was hoping to have got my butt into gear by now and decided on what artwork to put back up in the hallway and our bedroom but since that seems to keep getting pushed further down a very long to-do list that just keeps getting added to, I figured I'd better post Part II in the hopes it might inspire/shame me to actually finish the job at some point!

Unfortunately I forgot to take 'before' photos in our bedroom, 
so you'll just have to imagine that this one wall was dark blue just  like the hallways!

All in all, we are really pleased with how much lighter and brighter the hallways and our bedroom are with such neutral colours. We also replaced the up-lights in the hallway that had seen better days - we accidentally shattered the glass in the previous fittings a few years back when we'd put too higher voltage halogen bulbs in them and had never bothered to replace them - they still worked but just looked a bit dodgy.

So we are very pleased to have that job behind us - now to get onto that artwork. My biggest problem is that I keep taking new shots that I love every week so trying to make a decision about will go on the walls is an ever moving target at the moment! 

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