21 August 2014

Ten random thoughts on Thursday.....

I'm taking a leaf out of the lovely Ange's book this week and thought I'd share on here what's been floating around in the old noggin lately.....

1) There have been some pretty odd things appearing on the fridge at our house....say no more. Mark started it with boobies randomly appearing one day. I thought I'd go one better and stole the i to make willy and before we knew it, Noah had added poo and wee into the mix. It makes me smile whenever I walk into the kitchen if nothing else.


2) So I might have mentioned before that we have a cleaner, and yes I know I'm blooming lucky to have one. She's great, but she is a little old Colombian grandma with very poor English. Our text messages to each other are freakin hilarious as a result. Most of the time things get completely lost in translation in both directions. So I'm currently pondering how to discuss with her the fact that whatever product she's been using to mop the floor lately has turned the kitchen into an ice skating rink. To be fair we had run out of the usual stuff so she was obviously improvising the past few weeks, but I've lost count of the times I've nearly arsed over in the kitchen in my socks, and Noah has actually done so spectacularly about five times. I even re-mopped the kitchen last week but it didn't make an iota of difference, it's still as slippery as heck. I think I'm just gonna have to leave out the Floor Cleaner bottle on the bench with a note pointing to it saying: 'please use only THIS on the floor' otherwise it's only a matter of time before someone does themselves a proper injury. It really is like that scene on Risky Business with Tom Cruise every time we enter the kitchen - you know the one I mean right?

3) Sometimes ditching a responsibility is the right thing to do when it's gotten to be a complete drag. So here's the thing.....I've been the Treasurer of our after school care trust the past year. Which started out OK and gradually got more and more stressful as the year went on. It had a lot to do with some of the other committee members (there were 5 others) not pulling their combined weight leaving me to do everything mostly because I am a completer-finisher anal-retentive type A personality who just couldn't bear for things not to get ticked off our action list so I just proceeded to then do it all myself. Then there was task of trying to implement some efficiencies in the way the administration at the centre runs.....so which mug do you think has ended up spending over 50 hours putting in a whole new IT management system from scratch to get it up and running before handing some of it over to the centre manager to use? Uh yuh, that would be me too. So last week I officially resigned as Treasurer at the AGM and what a relief that was. Unfortunately, I haven't yet been able to get rid of the billing/invoicing side of the new system as the Trust is currently recruiting a new accountant to take that on but I sincerely hope there's light at the end of that tunnel too............... and I sure as heck won't miss the frantic 4pm Monday texts between trustee members when everyone has locked themselves out of Westpac and we need to urgently sort it out with the bank so we can still get the staff fortnightly payroll approved and paid that day!

And with Mylo also moving on from crèche to Sunday School next term combined with the very low numbers I've had in classes each week the past term or two, I've decided to take a break from any involvement there next term as well. It might mean I actually get a chance to get onto all the creative want to-do's I just haven't found time for like getting a photography website up and running...well that's the idea anyway!

4) My love of one of our tried-and-tested doughnut muffins has waned....last time I made them they just weren't as amazing as I remember. They seemed pretty dry after the first day - but maybe it's just because I don't eat much with normal flour in these days. These on the other hand have claimed top spot.....snickerdoodles, they stay super moist and delicious for at least a week and they are sugar-free, dairy-free and gluten-free to boot!


5) I've discovered that is actually possible to be in two places at once! And is there anything more satisfying than sitting at the pool while the boys do their swimming lessons and getting the weekly shop done at the same time? I think not. What a revelation it has been to use the Countdown Click and Collect service and not have to drag two ratty children around the supermarket for an hour on a Friday afternoon or worse on the weekend when we could be enjoying family time together! Plus we can manage what we spend each week so much better! Yes I know we could get it delivered and save even more time but popping into the nearest store for five minutes to pick up the order does mean we still get a chance to pick up anything we might have forgotten plus it's cheaper!

6) I could happily do without getting lopsided wrinkles. It has become apparent when peering in the mirror that I seem to have more smile lines/wrinkles around my left eye than my right eye. I mean come on, how's a girl meant to grow old gracefully without it happening to both sides equally at once?! Gimme a break Mother Nature.

7) It's only a month tomorrow till Mylo starts school. What the?!!! Which means I'd better get my a into g and finish organising his LEGO Movie party. I started with a hiss and a roar with loads of ideas and started planning it, but fell off the wagon the past few weeks actually implementing it all. So I guess you'll just have to watch this space.

8) Speaking of when Mylo starts school, I'm going to stop driving to town every day and walk as much as possible. This will not only save me nearly $200 a month in parking, it'll also benefit my exercise regime. It might actually mean I get to sleep in a couple of mornings a week till 6.30am (from my current wake up time of 5.30am which is when I get up to do exercise now) too - result! I haven't quite decided exactly how many days a week I'll walk and I might just go with the flow each week depending on what we have on after school but it'll be nice to get that extra dose of fresh air each day and give the boys a chance to scooter home with their mates who also live on our street too!

9) Not having to cook much last week while Mark was away in Melbourne was a god-send. He's a pretty good find that man of mine. The week before he left he made double portions of Bolognese (which we used for Nachos one night and a Lasagne another night), Thai Green Curry, and Sausage Casserole in the slow cooker. This meant all I had to do was heat up a meal or add some rice and we were sorted. Sa-weet!

10) So lately we've sold a whole bunch of baby gear that was gathering dust on Trade Me (which is I guess a fairly final acknowledgement that yep - we're sticking with two!). We have just about made enough money to fund a new camera body for me with the proceeds, and if I can find the time to go through all the baby clothes and some other baby toys that we haven't quite got to, then I definitely will have. An end of an era for sure, but one that is right for our little family.

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