08 August 2014

8th birthday weekend adventures

In our house, we aim for one easy party and one big hoopla party a year in turn for the boys. This year as it's Mylo's 5th birthday next month which will be our 'big hoopla' party for the year, we went for the 'easy' party for Noah. Note I didn't say 'cheap' party, as taking 10 kids to Laserforce was never going to fit into that category but easy it most definitely was!

The weather was SO terrible, probably the worst day of winter so far, so it was a good thing we had an indoor party planned. Noah had been asking for a Laserforce party for ages. Even last year but I'd convinced him a Mini Olympics would be more fun (at least for me to plan!). This year we thought a Laserforce party followed by Dominoes pizza and cake at our place sounded pretty darn easy and it turned out the hardest thing about it was making a cake.

We met down at Laser Force had 3 games, followed by some arcade games before heading home for pizza and cake.

I decided to do a poor man's version of a rainbow cake (just two cakes with 2 layers in each cake). Then we hid some lollies inside the middle. The kids loved it so that was the main thing

It was a huge weekend for Noah, as the night before I'd taken the kids to watch Disney on Ice: Treasure Trove which was a big surprise for them. Noah likes to know EVERYTHING so the fact I'd made it right to the doors of the TSB arena before letting them in on it was something of a miracle. It was a cool show, and our favourite part of the show by far was The Lion King sequence.

Then after his party he went straight out to a Cubs movie night, talk about a full-on weekend! We had decided we'd have a very quiet Sunday to make up for it. This included building and destroying the Demolition Lab as well as completing Metalbeard and Lord Business' robot Lego set, which had an amazing number of moving parts. We also set down and watched The Lego Movie DVD together during the afternoon as the weather was still pretty rubbish.

We played some rounds of Phase 10 - a cool Uno come Rummikub combo card game, and set about solving some Penguins on Ice puzzles - even Mark and I got in on the action.

Noah was also super stoked to receive his very own limited edition Rolston Rifle from Needle and Nail. He'd loved the opportunity to play with Ty and the rifles at the Rolston's place a few weeks back so was thrilled to have his very own version that even came stamped with his name on.

 And just like that the birthday fun was over for another year, but what cool experiences we had and after receiving some lovely gifts we will all enjoy playing with, reading and using them in the days and weeks to come!

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