27 October 2014

43/52: Confident kayakers and a giant plate of icecream

A portrait of my children once a week every week in 2014

Noah: one of the highlights of the trip was staying at a really cute Kiwi bach right on the estuary at Pakawau - miles from anywhere. The way the tides had worked, it had been low tide during the day most of the time which meant we had a view of...well..mud. But on the last day we decided to time our outings so that we'd be home in time for high time at 11am - and sure enough the tide came in so we could give the kayak a go. Dad and I took turns with you boys sitting in front of us, but we let you both have a turn paddling. After a while you thought you might like to have a go on your own, so that's just what you did. We knew it would be pretty safe as the water was only waist deep at most, and you cherished the opportunity to be adventurous and try a new activity.

Mylo: you also loved the kayaking and when asked what your favourite thing was on the holiday, that was it! I didn't get any photos of you on the kayak as you went out with me most of the time but you really enjoyed the feeling of doing something fun on the water. Something else that was fun was trying out the 9 flavours of icecream at Penguino's Gelato Bar in Nelson - you're not a fan of ice cream at the best of times (strange child!) but you did enjoy dipping your spoon in with the rest of us to see which flavour came out tops - we all had our own opinion on that front!

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