24 October 2014

Rays from heaven and other cloud porn

After our big adventure out in the Abel Tasman, we all needed a cup of tea and a sit down, which also meant that takeaways were on the cards for dinner. The kids were more than happy with McD's (of course) but we thought we'd try the local fish n chippie which turned out to be a bit of a bad move. The burger was very average and even my fish was pretty blah, but luckily the dinner location at Tahunanui Beach made up for the poor fare.


The clouds were looking rather lovely as we arrived but continued to ramp up the longer we stayed and the more we walked down the beach.

Sand angels are a must if you are 8 years old, did you know?

The beach itself is massive - at low tide it's a huge expanse of sand to explore and blow the cobwebs out. This photo below cracks me up - I reckon the boys look like they are on the cover of an album for a boy band standing as they are - with that glorious light behind them.

And yet, look to your left and there are still snowcapped mountains in sight - what the?!

And then came the heavenly rays.

Truly something to witness, seeing those shafts of light breaking through the sky so powerfully.

Turning everything golden in their path.

I had high hopes for the sunset, so dropped the boys back home (only a 2 minute drive) before coming back to the beach, hopeful of a good show.

It was a much more muted affair than I initially anticipated. I'd been hoping for an incredible fiery display but this was much more like tinges of burnished gold amongst heavy blue clouds.

But still beautiful in its own way.

It was enough to keep my eyes wide and my fingers clicking on the camera for a good hour in any event!

Plus I knew bad weather was forecast for the following day so it made sense to make the best of what was on offer - and moody clouds and scattered golden light are still a good result in my books!

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