10 October 2014

Spring comes to Wellington {landscape photography}

It's no secret I feel naturally drawn to the waterfront or the coast for early morning photo shoots. But knowing that the tulips and spring bloom are at their colourful best in the Wellington Botanic Gardens right now, I thought I'd better seize the moment on this occasion as by the time we get back from our Nelson holiday I knew it would be past its best.

wellington botanical gardens entrance

The weekend wasn't holding much promise but the morning at least still heralded blue skies. And getting out as early as I did meant I almost had the place to myself.

antique seat and tulips Wellington botanic gardens

yellow tulips in bloom with gatehouse and lamppost

Nothing says Spring like tulips en masse.

White tulips Wellington botanic gardens

white tulip bed close up

yellow and red tulip bed wellington gardens

orange poppies wellington gardens


black and white wellington gardens tulips

feathered white tulip beds wellington gardens

fountain purple tulips wellington gardens

The magnolia were also stunning, especially with a field of daffodils growing wild and free to frame the shot from behind.

magnolia wellington gardens

view to gardens entrance wellington botanic gardens

It wasn't long before the sun began to reach the highest tree tops.

magnolia in bloom at wellingtong gardens

I do love this view looking down the avenue of seats towards the Garden entrance.

Wellington botanic gardens entrance

These blooms caught in early morning sun flare my favourite glower shot of the day.

white tulips sunflare wellington gardens

And somehow this view is incredibly tantalising.

It's the lamppost and the gnarled trees that does it I think.

magnolia trees disappearing path wellington gardens

And the disappearing path......hints of something worth visiting waiting just around the corner.

Down at the duck pond, the water was remarkably still given the blustery wind about in the tops of the trees.

pergola duck pond wellington gardens

pergola ducks duckpond Wellington gardens

Calm enough for a reflection or two at least.

duck pond reflections pergola botanic gardens

And below one of my favourite views of the Gardens. This is so Narnia-esque don't you think?! It's the lamp-post and the towering trees spreading their cloak over the path that does it for me.

lamp post trees shadows wellington gardens

Even more so in dappled light.

sun and shadows trees botanic gardens

Can you see it? There's a magical world just waiting to break through.

sunflare behind lamp post wellington gardens

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