13 November 2014

45/52: Awards galore!

A portrait of my children once a week every week in 2014.

Sometimes it doesn't rain but it pours. Last week was like that at our place!

Noah: you received an award in assembly (your first one for at least a year) for "being such a good natured classmate with loads of enthusiasm and cheekiness for everyone every day''. Whilst you weren't quite sure that you're that cheeky (and nor are we!), you were still chuffed to have the recognition of being a nice person to have around in the class. Then later on you got Most Valuable Player of the Day for your Friday football team. A good day all round!


Mylo: you got Star of the Week in your class for "trying hard all by yourself when you write your own stories". You also received Player of the Day the weekend before at Little Dribblers too.

It's lovely to see that others can see that you're getting in lots of effort in your endeavours. We're so proud of you both!

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