19 November 2014

Into the wild blue yonder {sunset on Tahunanui beach}

It was such a struggle getting up early on holiday. For a gal who rises at 5.30am every week day, it seems odd to say this, but notice the word 'holiday'? Yeah, I was actually trying to have one. So I was pleased that daylight savings had kicked in so I could capture shots at the other end of the day instead.

I'd had high hopes that I might capture some fiery sunsets in Nelson but it was just not to be. I had to be content with the muted blue hues Nature handed out instead.

On this evening, the smoke from the local mill was clearly visible across the way.

Back Beach at Tahunanui is an expansive beach that just keeps going. I'd chosen it as a spot as I knew it would provide unrestricted views of the sun going down both over the water and distant hills.

The sun performed her part beautifully, sinking low in her final bow of the day and kissing the snow-capped mountains on her way.

The air so still now that the smoke from the mill simply reached heavenward.

And then came the after glow.

Simply a stunning night to have borne witness to.

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