24 November 2014

I've been a bit AWOL so here's why......

I can't tell you the last time I checked in with you all - I mean really checked in to say hi instead of just posting post after post of scenic shots or holiday fun.

How have you all been by the way?! It's not that I haven't been keeping up to date with what you've all been up to, I still have, just quietly as and when I can. I may not have been commenting as much but I still know what you've been getting up to for sure.

You see, I've been a bit AWOL in this space because I've been working on something big. The amount of time and energy it's taken, it almost feels like a giant baby has been growing inside and it's now about to give birth.

1 December people - all will be revealed in an official launch in a week's time on 1 December!

Here's a sneak peek though:

Do you like my new logo? I asked the very talented Faery Sarah if she would help design me a logo and gave her some of my basic ideas. She very patiently put up with me as I went to and fro trying to tweak and perfect the look of it. My basic thoughts were taking the two M's from my first and last name and making a play on the fact they look like mountain peaks - I was so thrilled with the result. Thanks a million lovely lady - it's awesome!

I also bought a Wordpress template specifically for photography and have been building this from scratch. It's been time consuming, infinitely frustrating but a little bit rewarding too. I like the post that Leanne wrote the other week about the creative process - oh boy can I identify with the steps she outlined as you work your way through bringing a new idea to life.


1. This is awesome
2. This is tricky
3. This is rubbish
4. I am rubbish
5. This might be OK
6. This is awesome.

I have spent a lot of time wallowing in number 3 (and even number 4) after the normal hitches that come with setting up a new business along the way. And don't get me started on the logistics of working out an online shopping cart, product pricing, sourcing local quality suppliers, working out shipping costs both in NZ and worldwide, not to mention packaging etc. It's been a bit of a mind boggling experience - and the NZ Post rate finder website has been spammed by me so many times I'm surprised I haven't been blocked by now!

But I'm very excited to be in a position to launch the new business and website next week. Just in time because on Sunday 7 December some friends and I will be sharing a table at the Thorndon fair - where I'll be selling canvases, gift cards and calendars and hopefully also taking orders from the catalogue/portfolio I've put together as well.

So bear with me, and all will be revealed very soon, make sure you check back in here on 1 December!

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