18 November 2014

46/52: In the blink of an eye

A portrait of my children once a week every week in 2014

Sometimes boys you just have to indulge your mama. When she gets all misty-eyed and wants to hug you a little harder and longer than normal. Because you see boys the thing is you don't see the passing of time like we do.

 Punnet Café - March
Punnet Café - November 

To you, life sometimes seems interminably slow especially when you are waiting for an important occasion to arrive like your birthday or Christmas. But for me, sometimes I see you strike a pose or in a photo like this one above (Noah) and I get this incredible sense of the passing of time and how fleeting these moments are when I can still get hugs from you whenever I want, when you still marvel at the littlest things, and when you are still small enough to pick up for a cuddle (well at least one of you is!). And in these photos I see you how much you've grown in just six months Mylo from one Punnet café visit to the next, from a still at day-care 4 year old to a big school boy and it hardly seems possible.

All I ask is that I have the sense to not forget to stop and appreciate these moments. To be in tune enough to feel a sense of awe and appreciation at the great privilege it is to parent these two on their life journey.

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