25 November 2014

47/52: The adventures of Goldie

A portrait of my children once a week every week in 2014

A couple of weeks ago we went to Hamilton to visit our lovely family who were visiting from Australia. Mylo's class has a special friend called Goldie (I think he's actually Winnie the Pooh in disguise!) who likes to go on adventures with the children if they are away from school, and so we got the pleasure of taking him on our trip north.

Goldie had a great time: reading stories with Mylo, testing out the new swing bridge near Nana and Poppa's house, playing rat-a-tat-cat, helping Mylo play tennis and adventuring through the lovely Hamilton gardens.


We all thought it was great fun to have Goldie along for the journey and it made us stop and remember to capture the moments as they happened too!

What was also cool was getting a thank you card from Goldie who was delighted to have gone on such a cool adventure with us!

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