07 July 2007

Mmmm fresh coffee......

Today started with a wonderful sleep in (till 7.30am - thanks Noah!). Mark was somewhat worse for wear after a late night out with his mid-year staff party - I knew he was having a late one when I woke up at 1.15 to hear Noah cry out (just momentarily) and the bed was still empty beside me.

Yesterday's post brought some lovely gifts from Mark's mum in the UK - 2 new soft toy monkeys for Noah to be backups since his other two monkeys are becoming quite overloved and one or other is always in the wash. Can you tell which is old and which is new from the photo?! Now we just have to find ways of introducing the monkeys into his daily life so they become as loved as the other two, which won't be easy as he definitely can spot the difference at the moment!

After a short morning nap (Noah that is, not us - I wish!), the 3 of us drove out to Camborne to have a coffee and a muffin with Mark's boss and his wife who are due to have their first baby next weekend. It brought back many memories to see their room all set up and ready for the arrival of this new little life. Nicola was asking my advice about whether she had enough clothes etc and it really brought home a few things to me, remembering how little you really know before baby arrives and how keen you are to get any advice from people who've been through it, it also made me realise just how far we've since come, looking back now it is hard to even remember what life was like back then in those early days!

We came back via North City Shopping Centre and looked for some birthday presents for Noah at K-Mart and Farmers which were both having sales. We ended up buying him a Noah's ark boat that comes with 2 elephants, lions and zebras (and a Noah of course). The animals are plastic but have fluffy/velvety bits to make them more realistic. We think this will be his present from Nana/Poppa (my Mum and Dad).

Today was our first day using our new coffee machine, but I wish I hadn't had a headache and been feeling a bit more on top form to really enjoy the coffee. But from what I saw of Mark making it, it seemed very simple to operate and really quick too. We've been making do with our other one for a wee while now but after I got a payrise this week and celebrated my 5 year anniversary at work (and so had a $100 voucher to spend anywhere), it seemed like the right time to treat ourselves and upgrade. We were very lucky that our friends Deborah and Dave have had the same machine for 7 years and couldn't speak highly enough of it so that helped make our decision that much easier. And their user instructions came in very handy for our 1st attempt today too - cheers guys!

This week Noah started wearing pyjamas for the first time, it is so cute to see him in big-boy pyjamas instead of the all-in-one (including feet) body suits he's been wearing up until now, it really does make him seem like a toddler all of a sudden and a baby no longer. But don't grow up too fast, Noah, you're so much fun at the moment! Noah also seems much more interested in trying to feed himself in the last week or two, we haven't yet let him take full control of the spoon, I think I am slightly concerned at where the food might end up, but I think we probably just need to bite the bullet and put a big sheet down and let him go for it!

Noah's got a bit of a nasty cough at the moment, but thankfully seems to be eating and drinking much better than this time last weekend. In fact, we are totally surprised by how much of his bottles he IS drinking at the moment, but we're definitely not complaining as at other times it can be an absolute mission to even get 100ml down him.Anyway since I rather foolishly stayed up till 1am (I know what was I thinking!) on Wednesday to get our first blog posted I am not going to make the same mistake, tonight, my freezing cold bed is calling (sounds inviting doesn't it!).

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nic fletcher said...

hey there team! some cool stories and even better photos. man what a gruesome one of your knee markie! cant wait to read more and catch up @ christmas time. ill be home before you know it :)


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