25 April 2010

I'm a little dynamo

I reached the 7-month mark this week, and I've decided my mission in life is to keep everyone on their toes. Whether I'm eating jandals, trying to pop Noah's balloon, grabbing Murphy's fur, playing with power points, or investigating anything with wheels, I'm on the go...go...go.....

Can you see my fiddle fingers in action here? Mum is finding she can't take her eyes off me for long as I pop up in different places every few minutes!

And I move pretty quick these days...could get a job in the army at this rate I reckon!


Sarah Gauntlett said...

hahahah "gets the beats" LOVE IT!

So cute and so fast! I love the pic of him looking in that cupboard. my lil one is 7 months next week and is a beached whale... won't even roll over much! haha

Catching the Magic said...

Oh wow Meghan you have your hands full with your delightful action man!! I love the video :)


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