06 April 2010

Monday at Makara

On Easter Monday morning, we all jumped in the car for an hour's dash out to Makara. Unbelievably, it was the first time I can remember being there in nice weather, it's usually blowing a northerly gale and rough as, but Monday was a southerly and so Makara was quite sheltered. Many other people had the same idea, there must have been at least 30 cars parked up. Other times we've visited, we have been the crazy occupants of a sole car braving the wind and elements to throw a few therapeutic stones in the water before retreating shivering back to the car.

A lovely way to top off a lovely long weekend. And such a beautiful shot of Grandma and Mylo below. It pulls hard on my heartstrings tonight as Grandma is winging her way back to England as we speak. An unbelievably precious time together for the past month. One we will treasure forever.

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Catching the Magic said...

Magic moments to treasure for sure x


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