30 August 2010

Before the memories fade...

Let me indulge just one more time....

Clouds reflected in a strangely still sea

The sky gathering  from the sea, bringing water into its embrace

It is hard to fathom any footstep ever being tread here

Seeking and searching a soul-satisfying meal

Proud pines tower before angry skies. Whilst driftwood sits silently, forlorn and forgotten.

Toi toi brush their feathers against a canvas of azure sky

Where ripples of sienna sand meet peachy clouds, magic is not far away

A solitary shell nestles deeper into the comfort of silky sand


Widge said...

Love the all blue pic (3rd from top) and the toi toi one!! Awesome

Leonie said...

Gorgeous!!! especially loving the toi toi one too.

Mika said...

Really enjoying your photos from your holiday. I can tell you've really been enjoying taking them, and processing them ;) They look great!

Catching the Magic said...

WOW! These are stunning! Beautiful words too x


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