09 August 2010


The past few days have been a big lesson for me - in renewed appreciation for my other half. Did you notice that there is no 'I' in teamwork? It is all about us, doing life together. Giving and taking. Sharing the load. Lightening each other's burdens.

When Markie got taken out with the still as yet unexplained bug, it hit me. HARD. Where was my go-to guy? He had gone bush (i.e. was out for the count) for all intents and purposes. Admittedly, if it wasn't for the big 4th birthday party landing on our doorstep just as he got taken out by this bug and our lovely family staying, it wouldn't have felt quite as bad. But when suddenly and unexpectedly thrust into the starring role of being 'IT' as far as doing what needed to be done, and done on time, I definitely felt the pressure.

So much so that I felt like an emotional wreck come yesterday afternoon, and in need of some comforting from Noah. We were just about to play Toy Story Yahtzee, and I asked if he could give me a cuddle explaining that I was a bit sad that Daddy was not feeling well and I was feeling tired and needed a hug. He duly obliged for about 10 seconds, before saying 'Now can we play the game?'. Ah, you have to love your children's ability to put you right back in your place. There's a time for loving, a time for comforting, but definitely NO time for wallowing in self pity.

Sunday and today Mark has had joint pain in his knees, elbows and shoulders on top of still feeling itchy and swollen (including his oesophagus which has made eating and even breathing at one point difficult). He has also been sleeping a lot during the day - so not like him! So it was back to the doctors this afternoon to check nothing more sinister is afoot. At this point, the doctor is not sure whether all these symptoms he's experienced are a result of the initial sore throat or due to the allergic reaction to the penicillin, but for now Mark has come home with antiflammatories and told to see how it goes for the next 48 hours.

Come back to us soon, my healthy happy hero! We all miss you.....

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