16 August 2010

What's new with you kiddo?

Mylo is fast approaching 11 months, and is getting more pickle-icious by the day. We find ourselves shaking our heads at some of his antics, trying to be firm when needed, and usually trying to hide our laughter at the same time. Here’s the latest on the little monkey:
  • Fascinated by ‘posting’ his bunny through the stair gate, the stepladder or his cot bars. He thinks it is a huge game. Which is fine, but there’s only so many times we want to retrieve the bunny, and I think he would do it all day given half the chance
This will keep me entertained for hours!
  • Loving walking along behind his wooden trolley, and getting some good speed up. Yet to learn how to turn corners though!
Beep, beep, coming through!
  • He still hasn’t learnt the meaning of ‘gentle’. Poor Murphy is always getting battered by some not-so-gentle hands and has occasionally been nearly suffocated by having a pillow squashed on top of him. We are very lucky he is so docile, because a feistier cat would have lashed out long ago!
  • Puts himself in ‘time out’. Ha ha. Not really, but he does have this extreme fascination with going into his room and opening and closing the door. Sometimes, he even manages to fully shut himself in there. And is quite happy to hang out in there on his own. Even if it’s dark. For a while anyway. As I write this, he is wailing in his room after shutting himself in there about five times in the last five minutes. Mark has already been in there twice, and as soon as he opens the door, Mylo promptly closes it. He’s nothing if not persistent!
  • We definitely know when he’s had enough to eat. Everything, and I mean everything gets thrown off the high chair. I’ve threatened on more than one occasion to call him ‘Chucky’. Mark has tut-tutted when I’ve said this (associations with the horror movie Child’s Play), I mean it in the nicest possible way!
  • After taking eight months to cut his first tooth, and only having 1 tooth for two more months another bottom one finally popped through a couple of weekends ago, and now….
  • Four top teeth are on their way all at the same time, two through yesterday and he has been a grizzly, whingey mess today with the other two nearly breaking through too. Thank goodness for Pamol and Nurofen. Oh and cold slices of apple from the fridge have been a welcome relief too.

Oooo, this is good for me sore gums...
  • Finally, finally sleeping through the night. Most nights anyway. We’ll never know whether it was putting him on the next stage of formula (more filling) or putting him to sleep on his tummy (or both), but whatever it was, we sure are grateful!
  • Apparently he’s quite a ‘character’ at day care. I know the teachers like him because they’re always fighting to take him off my hands in the morning. His main teacher did make the comment to me the other day that ‘he’s into everything’. And then preceded to tell me that a couple of times when they haven’t got to him fast enough they’ve found him ‘licking and dipping’ in the toilet. Yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck! Apparently this has been with clean water (phew!), but STILL pretty disgusting all the same. Far out Mylo! You didn’t learn your manners from us, that’s for sure.
  • He knows exactly when you are telling him off, and either gives you a very cheeky grin, or a very direct stare as if to say…….’Whaaaaaaaaaaaat? What am I dooooing?’ Noah used to dissolve into tears the minute you even said ‘no’, and still does at times!
I'm pretty sure I can stare you down Mum....

  • Nappy changes and getting dressed has become quite the battle. Mylo HATES being on his back at all now, and spends the whole time fighting to turn over. It becomes a battle of wills, and using every method of distraction possible (singing/toys), or physically holding him down to keep him still to get it done. I recall Noah lying still until he was about 18 months….sigh.
  • On the other hand, Mylo is a little toughie. It takes a good size crack of the head before he’ll condescend to cry, otherwise he usually just carries on without even batting an eyelid when he’s crashed into doors, walls or tables.
  • Nothing can be left lying around. And I mean nothing. Phones, remotes, DVDs and cases, magazines, birthday cards, cups of tea. You name it, he’s had it. Poor Uncle James has already had his iPhone half sucked to death, and a cold cup of tea spilled everywhere thanks to Mr. Mischief.
Fascinated by Noah's Madagascar singing birthday card 'I like to move it, move it'

He is clearly going to be a very different child to his big brother who never really ‘got into’ anything!

Disclaimer: It's not all bad! We love Mylo dearly and we could not imagine life without him now! He is always a happy, cruisy, inquisitive soul, and brings us such joy and laughter, even amongst his frequently naughty moments. I think he has discovered his mission in life, keeping the entire family entertained and on our toes!

When was the last time you cleaned your ears out Dad?!

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Sarah (Chez Lee) said...

Wow, what a character and a handful of fun! I love the way you've captured his character with these photographs. A lovely post and one I'm sure you'll look back on in years to come!


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