07 August 2010

Four Fingers

Four fingers is what Noah holds up these days to show how old he is. The first thing he told cousin Jack when he arrived at the airport last week was 'Did you know that I'm four now Jack?'. Bless him, he's been dying to turn four for months, as he is the youngest of his daycare friends to reach this milestone by quite a few months.

This has been a full week of celebrations. Starting with the actual fourth birthday on Monday, complete with daycare afternoon tea. A special aeroplane birthday hat made by his lovely teacher that had to be worn. Special friends to be chosen who could sit next to him at the party table.

And in posting these shots I'm suddenly noticing someone seems to have glued my son's tongue to his face! Nice look Noah!

Fast forward to today's Toy Story 3 Party. The favourite toys coming along for the ride - hence George the monkey appearing in every single photo. Much baking and preparation going into feeding 11 'big' kids and 5 'little' kids plus twenty-odd adults. Jamie Oliver's brownie went down a treat as always. And Noah was very excited to be able to show off 'cousin' Jack to all his friends, so much so that everyone else started calling him 'Cousin Jack' too. Sweet.

The day was marred ever so slightly by the fact Mark has been REALLY ill. Last week, a sinus infection took him off to the doctors for antibiotics. Before finishing the course of drugs this week, his throat closed up and was like razorblades. So, another trip to the doctor ensued. Another 10 days of antibiotics prescribed. But overnight last night, he had a really bad allergic reaction to the new antibiotics (penicillin) and woke up terribly itchy and with a rash on his body. So he had to spend two hours at the after hours doctor this morning whilst all the party preparation was going on madly at home.

Luckily, he had already baked up an absolute storm yesterday whilst feeling rotten as heck. When he should really have been in bed the past few days in all honesty. So it was up to me (eek, the pressure!) to ice the cake he had baked yesterday. It turned out OK.

And we have been so thankful for family today. That we had Ann-Marie here to entertain Mylo (or Mylo Smylo as the UK contingent have taken to calling him - it is rather apt!) and James to keep the bigger boys under control.  We tried to keep Mark on light duties as much as possible for the day, and as soon as we got home from the party he went up to bed for a few hours :-(

Well, the main thing is Noah had fun. Jack had fun. All the kids seemed to have fun. And (she breathes a sigh of relief) *clunk clunk*, that's the noise of putting my feet up for the first time in a couple of days!

Noah honey, it's been four years. Nearly fifteen hundred days. Of you in our world. Before you, there was just us. But you came to us, and in that instant we became family. No matter what happens in our lives from here on in, you coming into our world four years ago today rocked our axis completely, and spun us into a whole new universe of wonder, learning and loving.

Happy four years, my beautiful, sweet, kind boy. We love you so, so much.


Sarah said...

Happy 4th Birthday Noah! I LOVE that airplane hat and your cake looks AMAZING! What a fun, fabulous party you had and what a very clever and wonderful Mummy and Daddy you have! I hope your Daddy starts to feel better soon.

Have fun being 4 Noah. It certainly sounds like you've started out like you mean to go on (funny faces and all!).

Love from Family Lee x

Gail said...

That is one very happy, satisfied looking 4 year old boy!! Well done on a great party. They seem like a lot of work at the time, but are so worth the joy they bring (most of the time!!)

And wow! A baking hubby?! A sick baking hubby!!?? Bonus points!

Anonymous said...

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