24 August 2010

Just a sample

Without question, this has been one of the most special and unforgettable weeks of our lives. There is so much to to share that I feel like my head might well explode from the excitement! Suffice to say there will be few new posts coming this way in the near future.

But here is a little sample just to whet the proverbial whistle until I find the time to do justice to each amazing moment:

Two cousins. Rocking to the beat of the bongo drums

Attacked by a green furry octopus

What can you see Jack?

Look how high up I am!

Discovering all the beach house had to offer

Each day the sunsets just got better and better

Aunty cuddles

The boys in their den

Raising the flag

We salute

Flying high

Enjoying a sandy sensation

Racing the waves

Another day, another stunning sunset

More beach frolics

Recreating Boy: The Movie

Gotcha Uncle Mark

A driftwood dagger

A treasure hunt makes terrific mid-afternoon entertainment

Leaving our mark on the beach

Girls chilling

Miniature railway rambling

Brothers in thought

A slide train

Piccolo: the piece de resistance

 Fountain fun for a fiesty few

I'll race ya!

Now if I could just get my finger on that lens....

Peas in a pod: the inseparable duo

Signs of spring

For the love of a cousin

The sun has set on these magical memories.
They will last and last.
Through the weeks, months and years
Until we shall meet again.
We know not where or when.
Only that we will.
Farewell our precious family.
Loved, cherished and always in our hearts.


Jason and Jacinda Papps said...

It looks like you had the best time!!! Memories to last a lifetime!! Take care

Sarah (Chez Lee) said...

Wowzers! Looks and sounds like an INCREDIBLE time and just what you needed to get Mark fully back on his feet too. Spring is so close now and it looks like you've already been touched by a good dose of it. These photos are breathtaking. You'll have to recommend a good beach house to us, as Dan's folks are coming out in Jan and we'd love to spend some time away with them.

Enjoy the precious memories and I'm sure you'll be going over these incredible photos countless times.

Sarah x


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