07 August 2010

The Wait is Over

The months of longing are over. The time has arrived. Of family and fun. Fab, fab days of fun. So much fun we are bursting at the seams. From smiling and loving. Being in the same hemisphere, in the same time zone, in the same country, city and physical space. It's been two and a half years, and yet it could have been yesterday. Apart from two small boys have gotten that much bigger. And one little dude has charmed his way into the family.

These days. These fab, fab, fab days. Ekeing out every little moment of time. Taking these minutes to remember and multiplying these into the memories that will have to last us for the coming years.

We've explored so much of Wellington already, and it's only been 2 days.

Weta workshops. What a wonderful, free activity. Wow, even as a proud Wellingtonian I had no idea how much Weta has put Wellywood on the movie map. Weta has been involved in over 100 movies since Lord of the Rings. Roughly 12 movies a year. Not to mention developing the Wotwots and Jane and the Dragon for children as well. Oh we have a lot to be proud of.


Maranui surf cafe. The Phoenix has risen from the ashes of last year's destructive fire. All new, but still has kept so much of the old traditions and memorabilia saved from the place. An iconic Wellington experience. Still I hate the thought of queueing so long to eat, especially with small children. Puts me right off going again anytime soon I must say. But anything to give our visitors the full flavour of the Capital this time at least.

Wellington Zoo. The best little zoo in the world. Arrived just in time for the tiger talk. Wow. Jack was enthralled. Mylo was tickled pink. Literally. Every time the tigers put their front paws up on the fence to be fed, he giggled and giggled. Unbelievably funny. The giraffes put on a graceful show following in each other's footsteps. The kiwis were literally close enough to touch - what an amazing experience for our special visitors to see all this in one visit.

The cable car and Beehive. Two must-do's for tourists. And the views did not disappoint either.

To see the bond between these two cousins develop so instantly, living half a world away from each other as they do, is nothing short of amazing. They have settled into this beautiful, loving, accepting and sharing relationship as if they see each other every day. To see two boys jumping, laughing, playing, biking, drawing, and cuddling so beautifully is a delight for the four parents to see. Beyond our wildest dreams. And the oceans that lie between us....well they have parted like the Red Sea. Its as if Jack and Noah have never, ever been apart.
And then a trip to Waiwhetu marae....and well, that is a tale for another day....

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Sarah said...

Oooo, GREAT PICS - love the tiger and giraffe photos. What fabulous fun you are all having and so glad you've had some sunshine days between the wind and rain to really enjoy Welly at its best.

Have a fabulous rest of your weekend and time with your family x


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