31 July 2010

Big Buzz Little Buzz

Today we attended one of Noah's friends 5th birthdays. It was a dress-up affair. We'd bought Noah a Buzz Lightyear costume for his 4th birthday (which is Monday). So I must admit we let him have it 2 days early so he could go 'to infinity and beyond'. Which was the Southern Cross Bar and Cafe for the afternoon.

And would you believe we found a mini Buzz Lightyear costume (think actually pyjamas) for Mylo in the drawer that English Grandma & Grandad had given him some time back. They were still a little large, but did the trick.

So today we had Big Buzz and Little Buzz go to the party.

Can you tell which Buzz Lightyear can't keep his fingers to himself?

Noah had an attack of the shy bug when he got to the party. Mainly because he got so much attention from a lot of the mums and dads who complimented him on having such an awesome costume. But once he got over that he had a blast. Amongst fairies and princesses and Supermen. Listening to stories from Fairy Trina, playing pass the parcel and musical statues.

Roll on Noah's own Toy Story birthday party next weekend, which will be made all the more special for having his UK cousin Jack and Uncle James/Aunty Ann-Marie here to share it with.

Safe travels to you our wonderful family. We will see you safely on our shores in less than 4 days. It seems impossible to believe, but it really is true. Haere Mai, Haere Mai, Haere Mai.

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Tracey easte said...

Super Cute xox Happy birthday to Noah for tomorrow, where did those 4 years go? Much love being sent your way from the Easte household xoxo


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