21 July 2010

Wise words and an artists hand...

Today we were talking on the way home about things that aren't real...like ghosts, dragons, witches and giants. Noah asked if ogres were real (gotta be Shrek's influence there!) to which we said they weren't, that they are just pretend, like in books and at the movies. Then I said that things you can see are real like people and he said 'Yep I'm real, Daddy's real, Mummy's real, Mylo's real and Murphy's real'.

I thought about it and said that God was real, even though we can't see him, he's our big daddy in Heaven looking after us, and that even though we can't see him he's always there.

To which Noah replied...'Yeah and when you're really dead, you have to go and live in Kevin'. Boy that did little gem tickle me pink tonight!

After looking at pictures of different dinosaurs, the budding artist also drew a microraptor at daycare today complete with its own title - and little assistance from the teacher who had written the word down for him to copy. Nice one Noah!

1 comment :

Poppa said...

what a brilliant little artiste! Following in Great Nan's footsteps?


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