01 July 2010

And the winner is.......

Comment No. 6......from Jacinda of Pembroke Road. Jacinda is a fellow Wellingtonian, and we actually used to work together at M-co from 2002 - 2006. Jacinda moved to in Perth in 2008 to take up a role with the Independent Market Operator of the electricity market in Western Australia. I have long admired Jacinda's sporting ability and her dedication and commitment to any new endeavour she decides to take on. The first sport I remember Jacinda being involved in was canoe polo. Although I'm a little fuzzy on the finer details, I also know that Jacinda has represented NZ in Triathlon for a number of years, starting back with the Honolulu IT Age Group World champs in 2005, and most recently competing at the Gold Coast last year.
Her latest impressive feat was running a 60km off-road ultra marathon in Rotorua when back in NZ for a 'holiday' in April this year. No rest for some! I loved reading her remarkably lucid and detailed blog of the run, and felt as if I was right there racing alongside her. Given her dedication and often gruelling training regimes, I'm guessing that chocolate is not something that is often found in great quantities in Jacinda's house.

So I hope you will be able to enjoy a little slice of NZ heaven shortly heading your way :-) I'll be in touch to get your address!

To all the other lovely comments, thanks so much for entering, and I hope you continue to enjoy the blog! I've certainly enjoyed the opportunity to give a little something back.

1 comment :

Jason and Jacinda Papps said...

Ohhhh how exciting. I never win things (unless they are running or triathlons hehe)... Looking forward to the treat!


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