26 July 2010

10 of the Best

This month (number 10 in the life of Mylo) it's all about the verbs:
  • Clapping - I love that he's clapping, I don't love it quite so much that he loves clapping whilst we're trying to put food in his mouth!
  • Gabbling - ninety to the dozen, but only when he wants to. Other times he's pretty happy just cruising around exploring without saying anything much.
  • Standing up, getting down. Standing up, getting down. Standing up, getting down. I think Mylo could do this all day and not get bored.  Combined with cruising along the couch and around the coffee table, it must be a great all over body workout!
  • Playing the guitar - loving the 'boiiiiiiiiiing' sound the strings make
  • Singing karaoke - OK so its more like slobbering all over the microphone that's attached to Noah's play piano. But as the slobbering is combined with baa baa gaa gaa noises at the appropriate moment, Susan Boyle eat your heart out!
  • Crawling on all fours - I have to admit I kinda miss his commando crawling, but I guess it's just another sign of growing through the stages
  • Gradually attaching himself to his bunny - he loves chewing on its hat. I still don't think he's quite as obsessed as Noah was with his monkeys - and that's the way we'll keep it thanks!
  • Rolling balls, balloons - big balls, litle balls - anything that rolls is fair game.
  • Throwing toys down - or food off the high chair....hmmmmmmmmmm. Not something I'm really encouraging. If he keeps this up, his new nickname might be Chucky.
  • Growing - at his nine month check he's just your average bubba at 8.5 kg.
  • Needing to be part of the action - crawling into different rooms to follow us
  • Taking note of everything going on around him and recognising us with big smiles when we pick him up at daycare
  • Grabbing Murphy's fur, our hair, the remote controls, CDs. Everything is being moved north these days. Poor old Murphy loses big hunks of fur if he's not fast enough. But he's so docile that it doesn't even seem to faze him.
  • Splashing as vigorously in the bath as possible, determined to soak anyone in the vicinity whether they're in the bath with him or not. He thinks he is pretty hilarious whenever he does a particularly good splash!
  • Enjoying games of chase with Mummy & Daddy crawling after him - he gets so super excited that he sometimes forgets where he's going and ends up crawling around in circles. Too funny.
  • Concentrating hard at the task on hand - in this case sitting between Daddy & Noah watching them play Mario Kart on the Wii

  • And generally enjoying being part of the family!

1 comment :

Poppa said...

that just about says it all eh! every one of your "10 of the best" is so easy to visualize. bless his little cotton sox. roll on 1st BD in September so we can get to spend some time with him again


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