02 July 2010

Things I'm loving 2.7.10

Lemon and honey drinks
I love taking as natural approach as possible to getting over winter coughs and colds. Admittedly we've had to supplement with a lot of Panadol and Nurofen as well lately, but you can't beat a good dose of natural Vitamin C and honey for soothing the throat. It might just be a head thing, but I always feel so much better after I've had one. Oh and the odd dose of brandy in it does wonders for a good night's sleep too ;-)

Socks that stay on
Check out these giraffes! Aunty Jackie brought back 3 pairs of totally cute socks for Mylo when she came back from Australia recently. Always a bonus to find a pair of socks that will stay on this active mite's toes!

Getting creative
I'm in the middle of a new creative project, as a result of a brilliant idea that FaerySarah of BobbyRobin has kindly designed and shared. It's basically a canvas photo board of all your favourite shots turned into Polaroid shots. I love the fact that it is interchangeable and you could redo it as little or as often as you like. It's been a little slower going than I would have liked, but I am enjoying the chance to get the creative juices flowing again. Here's a before and after photo that may well appear on the finished product. The hardest part is going to be choosing the final 30 pictures for the board!


Again, this link was shared by FaerySarah as an alternative to using Photoshop to get the same effect. Have you ever wished you could give your photos that authentic, casual snapshot feel? Here's a sneak preview of a before and after using this funky, free application.

iPod Runway Appliction
Thanks to one of Juggling Motherhood's 5 Great Finds for the week, I am seriously addicted (that's when I can find a spare minute which isn't often at the moment!) The aim of the game is to safely land the planes, unload the passengers, refuel, undertake maintenance, load up and take-off. A very simple, easy to play game that even Noah has enjoyed.

Themed kid's parties
The buildup and countdown is on to Noah's 4th birthday, and what better and more current theme this year than Toy Story 3. Photoshop has once again come in handy for a little creativity on the invitation front.

Dancing on Ice
I think in my wildest dreams I'd have loved to be a figure skater. I still vividly remember watching the likes of Kristy Yamaguchi and even Torvill and Dean (showing my age now!) competing back in the day. Sadly I wasn't blessed with the confidence, balance or co-ordination, so I just have to settle for watching it on TV instead.

Brothers Bonding
Long may this continue. Mylo was highly entertained with Noah's peek-a-boo antics at dinnertime the other night. There was much giggling and cuddling going on. I am loving seeing the wonderful bond developing each day between these two little people. I hope they continue to grow to be great mates!


Things I'm not loving...
Oops! We recently found this in the garage. Any idea what it might have been in it's heyday? I'll give you a clue. Yellow, and moon shaped, they are a great snack. Oh yes, these bananas (that we keep down in the garage so they don't ripen too quickly had at some point fallen down behind a tool box. I'm not sure how long they had been there for but the bigger question is how did we not smell them?

What things are you loving right now?

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