21 January 2011

Things I'm Loving..and not...

♥ Before and After ♥

I think you'll agree that my hubby did a sterling job with the waterblasting last weekend. Everytime I look out the window I just sigh with happiness. It looks so clean and fresh out there. I ♥  hubby.

♥ Awesome Sunrise ♥

And all I have to do to see it is pull back the curtains in the morning!

 ♥ Dressing Up for the fun of it ♥

And who needs a reason when you look this cool!

♥ Empty Icecream Cones ♥

Watching all 4 of my boys hanging out on the deck munching ice cream cones (well not the cat!) on a balmy Friday evening = bliss.

♥ Good Timing ♥

Is it odd to say that I'm loving the fact I held it together at work yesterday whilst feeling rather crook, in the end calling hubby to take me home an hour early. Held it together in the car, held it together in the front door, made it to the kitchen, got out an icecream container and that was that.... suffice to say I spent the next 3 hours hugging the toilet bowl more than not. I've never had such a violent episode. But thankfully it was only for 3 hours, and yay for making it home in time!

♥ This Book ♥

I did it. I finally read a book. I LOVE books - I used to read voraciously growing up. I so want to get back into reading more. And what a book to choose! Thanks Leonie from Kiwi at Heart for the recommendation. It's a good thing I was at home recovering from last night's bug and not wearing any makeup that could run as I bawled like a baby through the latter part of it. And thanks Becky for lending me your copy. Wahoo, another thing ticked off my Summer Bucket List 2010! Next up, is the Bronze Horseman recommended by Sarah of Catching the Magic.

♥ Visits by butterflies ♥

This little fella (or gal, it was a bit hard to tell!) flitted and fluttered around us for about 10 minutes the other night. Even landing on Mylo's rear end and in my hair at one point. He/she was so friendly and darted here and there amazing us with his/her aerobatics and friendliness. The boys were both entranced.

♥ A little boy who thinks he can ♥

No matter he's still about two years too small for this bike. He just wants to be in on the action.

♥ Very Berry Goodness♥

I love seeing the wineberry bush laden with berries this time of year. Tonight's pick was probably about 30 berries. Wow. And the little guy can't get enough of them either. I ♥ wineberries.

♥ Google ♥

Noah has a Shrek dress up party for his good friend Phoebe's 5th birthday next weekend. And promptly informed me he wants to go as Donkey. Sheesh, couldn't ya have found something a bit simpler - I'm not exactly known for my sewing skills to whip up a donkey costume! But never fear, Google is here. Came to my rescue beautifully. Look what I found, a printable Donkey mask. Yeah, baby! Now if I can just make it, and make it look half good.....no pressure!

Not loving so much....

Tissues in the wash

How is it possible that ONE tissue could make SUCH a mess?! Seriously, someone needs to invent a non-disintegrating tissue...like yesterday please! There's definitely a market for it. I'm sure I'm not the only one who'd love this invention?!

♥ It's a long weekend ♥

So I know we only just got back from holidays, but its a long weekend here in Welly this weekend, and after a week of sickness we could all do with some down time, chilling out together and getting prepared for our big day next Thursday.

Which brings me to....

♥ Countdown: T-6 ♥

That means only six days until English Grandma & Grandad arrive. We haven't seen Grandma since March last year, and Grandad since this time two years ago. And what a reunion it's gonna be! Travel safe, lovely mummy and daddy, you'll be with us before we know it!

What things are you loving right now?


Dee said...

Monte would die for that Buzz costume!!! (he'd never take it off and pass out from heat stroke though...he sweats in winter that kid!!) He's begging for one but his mama thinks the price tag is a little on the steep side!! lol

and the "wineberries"? they look *just* like what we know as dewberries. same thing??? never heard that name before. they are prolific at my mum's place. in fact, we just had some in a jelly for dinner tonight :)

yummage x

Sarah Gauntlett said...

we used to pick buckets of wineberries when we were little! yum!!!!!!!!!!!! lucky!

man that backyard looks so good - props to the hubs.

so funny about the butterfly and not knowing its gender, i want to write: 'couldn't you see it's peepee?' haha. lame i know.

Mylo is looking like a real grown up little boy if you know what i mean,,,, less baby - more boy! cute!!

Dee - I think i saw those costumes at the warehouse?

PaisleyJade said...

That softie is so cute - and love the before and after shots!

About Last Weekend said...

Now I've definitely got to blast our backyard, its all green after huge winter rains (we're in Ca, USA). Have a great Wello weekend!

Sammy said...

I am LOVING all the stone fruit in season at the moment- huge peaches, sweet apricots, tangy nectarines...divine!

Simoney said...

Scrag would love that Buzz costume. that is WAY COOL!! You have a great list here Meghan!

Gail said...

we need a serious waterblast here so that I can sigh and drool with happiness too!
A great list - glad you got a cool harpster - you should just keep him for yourself :)
My boy has the same buzz costume and wings. It is pretty awesome!
I might check out that book. I've read the bronzehorseman and the others in the series... there are lots of "blush" parts! Haha.

Penny said...

Wow love reading your posts, lots to catch up on!
Love the pics with your hair curly by the way. I wish my hair could do that! It does straight and...straight.
Glad you're feeling better x


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