03 July 2011

Fresh Air

It's so easy in the winter to pass up the opportunity to get outdoors. The cold nips at every uncovered part of your body. And when Wellington's wind really gets going, it's all too easy to watch from inside the warmth and think 'nah, too cold, no way Jose!'

And you know what, sometimes that's OK. But other times, the fresh air is just what we need. Despite streaming noses needing to be wiped every five seconds in the cold air, and a little guy's cough that sounds a lot like a seal, there have been good opportunities to get out in the fresh air this weekend.

Making bubbles

Chasing bubbles

All with a $2 bubble stick from the $2 shop - personally I can't think of a better use of a gold coin!

Then we organised a trip to the zoo followed by dinner at our place with one of our dear friends Shannon and her wee girl Maia since daddy Guy was away in India on a business trip.

Despite the southerly chill in the air, the animals were in fine form.

And amongst the real live tigers another smaller version had slipped into the zoo unnoticed.

This little guy begging me to paint a tiger face just as we headed out the door to the zoo.

We love going to the zoo after 3pm, there's never many people around and it's close to afternoon feeding time, so the animals are all pretty alert.

Even the giraffes got as close as they could, eyeing up our snacks as soon as they heard the rustle, rustle of little packages being opened.

We always make time for an obligatory snack stop on top of our friend the wooden hippo.

As the afternoon wore on, the cold just kept on getting colder. And if there's one thing cold air is a very good excuse for it's cuddles and lots of them.

I notice a brightness of eye and a quickening of step whenever this little guy is exploring his world.

Our friends the red pandas stayed hidden from view today, but the brilliant colour of the prayer flags in their enclosure against the wintry sky were still enough to bring a smile.

And that was Saturday.

This morning was brighter with yet another of those photo worthy sunrises gracing our bedroom window.

With all the progress Noah's been making on his scooter lately, we were keen to get his big bike out for a blat to see how his balance has improved and maybe it'd even be time to take training wheels off.  Karori Park is always good for a run-out with it's half-mile loop on a paved circuit. And I'm sure we would have stayed longer if it had been a less windy day. At home, the northerly wind had been barely rustling the trees, but when we got down to the park, it was fair whipping through, which made it a big incentive to get around the park in doubly quick time.

Even the little guy enjoyed tagging along on his version of a big boy bike, his little legs going pedal to the metal halfway round before he got completely tuckered out.

The flying fox at the park afterward proved a good way to warm up cold little bodies as they hurled themselves off the platform at breakneck speed whilst the bigger bodies ran alongside making sure there were no mishaps.

Despite the cold and our own coughs and sniffles, inhaling fresh oxygen into the lungs instead of the warmer, recycled oxygen indoors is good medicine for the soul.

And the rare weekends where nothing is planned in advance, and the plans just somehow turn themselves into little pockets of loveliness, why they must be the very best weekends of all.


Sarah said...

Love the flags, the sunrise, the bubbles and splashes of colour on a winter weekend. Great photos Meghan & delighted you had such a fabulous weekend with plenty of fresh air. We also got a good dose of it. Will blog later when our house is quieter ;)

Dee said...

I love that first black and white pic under the words 'catching bubbles'. Super cute little tiger you have there! Sounds like just what you needed. I agree, getting out in the brisk-ness is sometimes just what you need. We did the same this weekend. xx

Nikki said...

Beauty at its finest!x

jacksta said...


Anonymous said...

beautiful Meghan
so interesting to read the posts from your part of the world
as you enter winter we enter summer...
love the images
being outside can be so good for the heart, no matter what the weather is
good on ya for getting out there
love the bubbles!

love and light

Jaz from Treacy Family said...

What a lovely weekend, the best by the looks. Loving the photographs too, well done. We have been a bit snively and full of coughs in our house. But by the weekend I hope we will be out filling our own lungs with that chilly winter air.
Have a great week Jazxx

Renee said...

Oh my gosh - that first catching bubbles pic in black and white is GORGEOUS! I love it! The whole series of pics is delicious. Again - beautiful boys. What a fun fun day out in the cold air - I bet everyone slept well that night. Hope your wee man is feeling better soon :-(

Anonymous said...

Hey Meghan. Its Erandhi. I just checked the blog an saw the face paint on Noah. It just made me miss you all so much more. I remember most mornings at work started with " can we have face paint today" by Noah. Its great to see his passion for face paint is still alive. I really do miss Noah's warm cuddles. Its awesome to see the whole family out and about enjoying life as it suppose to be.


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