08 July 2011

Things I'm Loving 8.7.11

♥ Making the cut 

For the past few weeks I've been entering photos in Alicia and Kristi's Crazy Days of Summer photo challenge link-up, and this week, this photo from my Light post last week made it into their top 5 pics of the week...wow, I'm stoked!

These ladies are incredibly talented photographers and they have hundreds of photos to choose from each week so it's a real honour to have been picked! Check out the others that made this week's Top 5 here and here.

♥ Mint bubbly chocolate ♥

Alright, I'll confess. I'm in the middle of a deep, deep love affair. With this chocolate.

And what makes it even worse is I don't even care whether it's Nestle Mint Aero or Cadbury Mint Bubbly chocolate...either will do it! I'm downright addicted right now, damn you Jackie for bringing it over in the first place *wink*. The funny thing is I don't even really like mint chocolate usually but I luuuuuuurrrrrrrve this!

♥ The smell of Christmas ♥

Do you have certain smells that just take you back to another time and another place? My gran palmed (ha ha: excuse the pun) this hand cream off onto me recently. At the time I didn't even give it a second glance. Pretty nondescript packaging and all. But when I got a hint of the decidedly delicious smell emanating from within, well I was immediately transported back to a cold, northern hemisphere Christmas and in particular fuzzy memories of a particular shop in the Wimbledon Shopping mall that had scented candles. This just smells like Christmas to me. Full stop. The End.

And when this bottle is finished although I hope it never is, I may will have to seek out some more where it came from!

♥ Doable DIY from Dee ♥
For now these look nothing special, just a few wooden boxes piled in a corner of the room, right?

But it's what they're gonna become, now that's the cool part! Once I (probably read: he) can turn a hand to it, they're hopefully gonna look a lot more like these!

And it's all thanks to the totally awesome tutorial that the lovely Dee (one of my new favourite bloggers!) at Books and Bits and Pieces posted a couple of months back. I've been hanging out for the boxes to come on sale at Briscoes, and it was a bit of a shame that I could only buy 4 this time round (serves me right for waiting till 4.30pm on the last day of the weekend sale to go in though!), but there will be more people, even if I have to fight to beat off stampeding hordes to get there next time!

♥ Boys being boys ♥

There's nothing like a good bit of rough n tumble!

♥ 3D Calendar of the month 
Fancy a 3D free printable calendar? These are lush. I must admit I haven't printed one out yet, but how cool?! Apart from the fact that living in the Southern Hemisphere most of the themes are completely topsy-turvy since summer camping is not something we tend to do in July...LOL! Still cool though - and a great craft idea to do with kids. Isn't the whale cute!

♥ Dear Photograph 

If only I hadn't moved around so much in my life, I might actually be able to try this out? I'd love to see your versions though if you find an old photo floating around and you grew up nearby to where you live now. So, so nostalgic. Here are two of my favourites, go and check out some more here:

source: http://dearphotograph.com  

Caption on Left:
Dear Photograph: Oh to be young again.
Caption on Right:
Dear Photograph: Can you tell him to turn around? I wanna see that cute little baby face again.

♥ This so explains me in the mornings ♥

My hubby jokes that it's usually better not to try to talk to me until I've consumed my one cup of coffee for the day - I don't know why one trim latte should have such a profound effect on me....but it clearly does.

♥ Plans are afoot ♥
So this little birdy just might have booked herself a flight to Auckland on the weekend of  Fri 19/ Sat 20 August because she's hoping to finally meet IN. REAL. LIFE some of her fabulous northern bloggy friends.
And can you tell I'm almost beside myself with excitement?! And once again people, that word is.....


And I have it on good authority that there may be even more cunning plans afoot for an actual bloggy get-together that weekend, so keep your wits about you and no doubt you'll be hearing more soon!

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remaliah said...

Cool list Meghan!!! Congratulations on having your photo chosen!!! It's SUCH a beautiful shot. The hand cream sounds amazing. I love how smells bring back vivid memories! I actually just bought that same 'flavour' from the Eco store...so if all else fails in your search for that one, maybe, hopefully the Eco store one smells the same :) Exciting about your upcoming trip to Auckland!! I'm going to be in Auckland then, too! Have a fun day there :) xx

PaisleyJade said...

Oooo - my ears have pricked up at the Auckland blogging thing! I will be in Auckland on 22-24th August...

Love your photo at the top - amazing!

Your list is amazing as always!!!

Nikki said...

Love the box idea! I can't wait to get a house and do cool things like that! Noah and Mylo are two of the most gorgeous kids EVER! And how cool is it that your photo got in the top 5?! The photograph this is heaps cool too! I could probably do a few of those if I was back in NZ! xxxx

jacksta said...

ooh I like that shelf thingy. And I love mint bubble chocolate.

Anonymous said...

Love your list this week! I am seriously coveting Dee's awesome shelves as well. And "dear photograph" is amazing, I love it!

Widge said...

that shelf is gorgeous! have been hanging out for something like that for soooooooooo looooooooong. Might have to take a trip to briscoes now.

Congrats on the photo!

Anonymous said...

Okay where to start????
~the photo is amazing!!! and of course you got into the top 5, was there any doubt???!!!!
~my hub would love that mint bubbly!!!! Me? not so much
~cocoa and vanilla hand lotion...yum!
vanilla is my scent above all scents...absolutely LOVE another vanilla!
~love the box idea, so cool
~boys will be boys...this looks very familiar!
throw in a big daddy boy and you have my house...crazy UFC stuff going on!
~cute calender
~LOVE those images, wow what a great idea
~lol coffe girl
~jealous, jealous, jealous
be sure to take lots of pics!!!!

have a great weekend M
love and light

Jaz from Treacy Family said...

Awesome list. Loving the photo, well done, it's gorgeous!! xx

Hootnz said...

Also in love with Bubbly mint chocolate... but gotta admit that I have a preference for Aero.. mind you I love Marmite but can't stand Vegemite... love the idea of those photos with now and then, so neat. Great idea with the shelfs.. thats such a great alternative :)

Gail said...

What a fab list Meghan! I love it all - and mmmm would love some Nz choc too.

I know where to get that hand cream from - the outlet store is in Auckland for the Aromatherapy Company. Great prices. Otherwise Living and Giving and those type shops stock it!

I love that photo too - top 5 material for sure!

Ange said...

Your photo is gorgeous - congratulations on having it chosen. Love the 'Dear Photograph' idea too...might have to give that a try.

Jason and Jacinda Papps said...

Amazing photo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love it!

Dee said...

I just love your 'Things I'm Loving' posts. They are the best. Once again I love all these things!! I want Christmassy smellies. Those 'dear photographs' are super cool. YAY for the crates!! Hope you can get more! Love seeing your boys wrestle. I am the only girl between two bros so it brings back memories. Your stones photo is STUNNING. I love that shot--well done. Loving you, really. As always. xx

Catching the Magic said...

Amazing photograph and a sure top 5 winner indeed! Love your list and creative ideas and projects. How very exciting about Auckland!

Angela said...

Those shelves are AWESOME. Hopping over to see that tutorial!


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