08 July 2011

When Heaven came down

Just. had. to. share. these.

Man I wish I'd had a real camera.

And not just my iPhone.

But for phone camera pics from a moving car, I think they are still worthy of sharing.

These were the out of this world skies in Wellington tonight.

Heaven come to earth indeed.


Elizabeth said...

Beautiful ;-)!

Gail said...

What an artist He is! (and you too!)

Widge said...

Wow. The light this way was gorgeous tonight too.

Dee said...

Wow! Stunning!! Would have loved to have seen the justice you would have done to that sky had you had your camera. Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

so glad you shared!

love and light

PaisleyJade said...

Stunning indeed!

Catching the Magic said...

It really was breathtaking! I was driving back from Johnsonville with Sophie at sundown (post horse riding lesson) & couldn't stop ooing and ahhhhing! I too was wishing for my good camera - and not to be driving on the motorway so I could pull over and take some shots!


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