18 July 2011

Where the air is clear

Take a walk

To where the sky is silhouetted by air in motion

Standing right beneath the 'whump whump whump' of giant blades slicing through the air

We are on top of the world

Looking down on creation

 Standing so close to the sky, we are free to dream bigger dreams

Standing close to Heaven, the light is more radiant

And we can defy gravity

Take one winter's afternoon spent with friends

 Followed by one golden sun setting on snow speckled hills

And when the golden fades to salmon hues

The lights of the city begin to twinkle

As the day slips slowly under the blanket of night.


Stephanie said...

These pictures are gorgeous! Makes me look forward to the crisp air of winter. (it is stifling hot in my neck of woods right now!!)

Anonymous said...

I'm coming to live with you!! Auugh! I love your photos, it looks like my idea of Heaven!

alicia said...

Fabulous pics. Love that profile shot. Is that you? And your new header is lovely. The block letters are great there.


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