22 September 2011

The 'Epic Fail' Record week

So this week pretty much takes the cake for epic fails all round, I can't believe the number we've racked up in the space of the past few days, so here goes:

1. Mark started the week well on Monday by getting the day completely wrong for his date with the Wallabies which led straight into....

2. Mashed up cupcakes and a wee on the carpet.

3. Then there was me trying to decide how to kill some time while waiting for the warrant of fitness in a pretty boring part of town, so we walked a bit and I had this lightbulb moment to go and buy the boys 60c kiddy cones at McDonalds so they could then go and play on the playground for a bit. And here I am thinking I'm an ace mum for treating them (we never go to McDonalds) and Mylo refuses to eat a bite of it or play on the playground. Have you ever known a child to refuse icecream? Hello, weirdo. So I'm then forced to eat the whole thing, lock stock.

4. On the subject of icecream, we completely forgot it was icecream fundraiser day at school on Thursday. Noah was pretty much the only kid in his class whose parents didn't give him money for an icecream. When I went to pick him up and heard all the other parents asking their kids 'how was icecream day?', how bad did I wanna feel? So to make up for it, I took Noah to the shop on the way home so he could have a Choc Bar icecream. I took it up to the counter with some sour cream that we also needed for dinner, went to pay and lordy, where's my wallet?! The answer to that was at work on my desk. GAAAAAAH! Thankfully I had a spare eftpos card and some coins at home so we were able to stop back in to the shop on our way to town to pick up Mylo for the very long awaited icecream. I must point out that not once did Noah get upset or blame his silly parents for forgetting which way their heads were screwed on.

5. On Thursday morning I got to work (on one of my early 6.15am starts) and the new swipe card I'd been issued with the day before wasn't working! GAAAAAAH! I figured I might have to wait up to an hour for someone else to arrive and so was busy getting changed in the toilet when I heard the lift 'ding' and thankfully another early starter had arrived so I was able to get in without too long a wait after all. PHEW!

6. Mark nearly ran a girl over tonight who walked out in front of his car, completely her fault for walking out onto the road without even looking and luckily Mark managed to stop well enough for her to just glance the bonnet...close call!

7. I was in a hurry to get to Pilates on Wednesday and was busy trying to adjust the seat forward whilst driving out of the driveway at the same time. Not my finest idea, as the car picked up speed down the driveway, the momentum of the seat being adjusted forward threw me at speed into the steering wheel and now I have a nice black bruise on my arm to show for it.

8. I completely forgot my wallet on Wednesday (it was at home not at work this time!) and had to beg and borrow money off a colleague for my usual early morning coffee and then had to get another friend to shout me a soft drink when we met for a quick 20-minute catch-up. Bludger alert!

9. Ah yes, and how could I forget the email I got from Mark this morning. I'd already been up to an upset Mylo at 4.45am and then I didn't make it back to sleep before 5.30am when the alarm went off, but here's how the rest of Mark's morning panned out after I left, recounted verbatim from his email for your entertainment:

So, Mylo was SHOUTING at 6.15am... which in turn woke Noah up....which in 
turn got me up.... which in turn made me get Mylo up.... phew. 

I have cooked a Beef Stroganoff, so can you please get some Sour Cream 
on the way home and turn slow cooker off when you get home. If you 
can't get sour cream, I can get some... just let me know. 

And then... at 7.50am I looked at our disgusting floor and thought... yep 
I'm going to run the hoover over it. Well...... Mylo was playing with 
Noah's 'Darf Dayder'(otherwise known as Darth Vader in non-2 year old speak), 

and I accidently sucked up the small red light saber... 
(queue tears from Noah).... quick stop, took everything apart, cut bag open 
to try and find light saber, but to no avail. But the light saber had instead 
been brushed aside... not sucked up??? AAAARRRGGGHHHHHHH Now 8am, hardly 
any hoovering done, dust and crap everywhere.... so very quick hoover and 
boys to get their shoes on... poooooh, stinky..... Mylo had done number 
Anyway... we got out of the house nearly 

on time, but what a crazy morning.... 

10. I feel like there were more things that happened this week, but I think my brain might be actively trying to forget them if there were!

Thank goodness we're on the downward slope to the weekend! I'm hoping it might give the grey matter some much needed down time to recover from all its recent bloopers!


jacksta said...

oh dear! hope the rest of your week improves!

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Oh you're so normal!! I have days where i miss the turn off to school, um, in slow moving peak hour city traffic, with the children reading the signs outside the school to me (digital updates of temperature, time, meetings, what's on etc) & yes, my blinker is on, so i look like a moron to my children & the cars behind me!! You know what it is - too much on my plate, off to pilates myself, deep breaths, love Posie

Gail said...

Crikey! That IS an EPIC week! I've so been there as the parent who forgot... the sausage sizzle, the bring and buy sale, the.... arghhh. You need a PA just for organizing the bits of paper that come home from school!!

Hope tomorrow is a cruiser day - and then the weekend!!

Leonie said...

What a week!! Hope you have a nice restful weekend planned :)

Ange (Tall, Short & Tiny) said...

Oh no, what a week! Thank goodness for Friday - hope you have a trouble-free weekend xx

Renee said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA this has made me laugh so hard - thank you! Thank you for being so normal - hooray for someone else doing these kinds of things (and having disgusting floors sometimes!) Mark sounds awesome (my hubby is Marc) - I love his email - so funny! Here's hoping next week is a little more uneventful in this sense ;-) xxx

Anonymous said...

YIKES! What a week! Hopefully your weekend is smooth sailing :)

Catching the Magic said...

Oh nooooo! Poor you! Sounds like something out of a movie - just hope the happy ending comes in time for the weekend!! x

dearfutureme... said...

Yikesaroo! Surely it can only get better from there?!


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