23 September 2011

Things I'm Loving 23.9.11

Porcupines, snakes and spiders
I love our little zoo, it really is the best 'little zoo' in the world. Love that even after just two month's since our last visit, we noticed new exhibits, new animals and new experiences. Sarah of Catching the Magic wrote a lovely post this week about her recent experience that mirrored our little excursion last Friday afternoon.

Love the crazy-looking porcupines, it was our first time seeing them out of their usual sleepy cave hang-out. Can't quite decide what they look like? A mini pig, a wombat, whatever they are, they sure are odd looking!

Love the new snake slide and the climbing spider.

Fraternizing with the enemy 
So Mark's version of my When (it all went wrong) post on Monday has a happy ending. He made to the Australian High Commission just in time to hang out with the who's who of Wellington and meet a few of the players. Here he is with Quayde Cooper (earlier in the day he also met Robbie Deans, Berrick Barnes and Nathan Sharpe over coffee with the same contact).

And he still managed to get to indoor footy on time and not let his team down either...what a guy!

Streaky window people
Love the blank canvas that early morning condensation provides, and that the sun is coming up just at the right time in the mornings at the moment to catch them in all their glory. Need to make the most of it before the clocks go forward and the mornings are darker again for a while.

CJ Munro
So we have a really talented friend in our life group who has put out a couple of singles this year which have been playing on Life FM radio. I was going to write that he is about to become a daddy for the first time in about three weeks with his lovely wife Marie but as we speak they are in the delivery suite as bubs has decided to make an early appearance. Check out Cam's tunes. Solid!

Get the free download for I Need A Reason  here.

And hear the new single here via the CJ Munro Facebook page.

There's one boy in the house who is in absolute LOVE with the trampoline - he's been out there every day for at least half an hour bouncing around. On Wednesday he had one of the next door neighbours over and they spent an hour and a half on it only stopping to chow down food to get enough energy to go back out on it again. So great to see him loving it.

The other little boy? Not so much. Won't go near the thing....sigh! I can see we will have to go gently, gently with him until he gets the idea that it is actually quite fun. I remember the same thing happening with the wooden rocking horse we got at the Kelburn fair earlier in the year, it took him about four months but once he finally decided it looked like fun...he was away laughing. It kinda cracks me up though that Mylo is scared of it cos he is so rough and tumble and not afraid of being hit by balls or any flying object for that matter and is a pretty tough nut if he hurts himself. So funny how they get these little scaredy-cat thoughts in their heads about the darnedest things...!

Engagement in da house
Saving the absolute best for last, cos last week on Kim's birthday (she and my brother Nic are born exactly 10 days apart), my brother flew down to Melbourne for the day both to surprise Kim with his presence, and then later on the day he surprised her with a very special proposal.

Yahoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! We are so happy for you both.

So we'll be off to Melbourne for the big day on 24th March next year. Can't.wait. And I'm so excited to be welcoming such a gorgeous sister to our family!

Happy Weekend y'all! Phew I made it.

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Renee said...

Ooooh I love porcupines - they're so funny looking - kind of like a spiky badger! My hubby has lots of stories about porcupines when he was little growing up in South Africa - apparently they can be quite vicious if they are cornered and their spikes can cause nasty infections (in a family of four little boys of course they learnt the hard way!) I must say since we have had HRV put in I am relishing not having condensation on our windows - Auckland is TERRIBLE for the stuff - I am loving not having to be a mould nazi!!! Cool trampoline - can't wait til we have space to get our kids one. Loving your brothers engagement - that's so sweet and she looks like the loveliest girl. Yay for a trip to oz!!! xxx

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to your brother! What wonderful news.

Leonie said...

Oh the Zoo looks amazing! love that slide and spider climbing frame! cool.
Just quietly.. Quade Cooper is my mum's cousin's grandson.... (in other words, Mums cousin is his Nana)and such a proud Nana she is.
Going to check out the music...Have a great weekend.

Ange (Tall, Short & Tiny) said...

Love your loves, as usual! Such exciting news for your brother, AND that you get to go to Melbourne!! As for that porcupine...it's definitely cute in an kinda odd way.

Catching the Magic said...

Yah they boys are SO digging that trampoline!

LOVE the funny expressions looking at the porcupines!

And those wet window people - totally cool!

Congrats to your brother and his 'fiance'! How wonderful :)

Have a great weekend x

dearfutureme... said...

Love that giant spider! And cool that your big boy loves the tramp! Im sure the little guy will come around! And big ups to your brother and his gorgeous fiance!

PaisleyJade said...

Exciting news about the engagement!! Love your post - and love the porcupines!!


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